Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This year our Halloween was pretty quiet.

We did carve pumpkins, which did get a little rowdy. That's pretty much the norm though.

The boys didn't Trick or Treat this year. Connor went to a concert a few days before Halloween where his friends who are in a band were playing. He dressed up for that. The day of the concert he texted me from school and asked if we could go to "Savers" (a thrift store) after school and quickly run in and find him a costume to wear to the concert. Nothing like waiting until the last minute Con! Anyway we did pick him up after school ran to Savers and this is what he came up with.

Kind of creepy, I know. But I have to say it was one of the cheapest, most painless costumes he has ever had. Connor has always loved Halloween but he drives himself (and us) crazy every year trying to come up with the perfect costume and he is never ever completely satisfied!! Anyway I guess he had fun with this one.

Alex didn't really dress up. He just got a funny hat and some furry gorilla like gloves to wear. He wore them to school. He has never been into Halloween that much, especially the dressing up part.

Here are some pictures of our Pumpkin Carving adventure...................

Alex has a real sensitivity to the smell and feel of the inside of the pumpkin. Of course his brother knows this and loves to torment him.

Alex showing Connor that he can hold the Pumpkin goo in his hand without gagging...

A real fight did actually break out before it was all over with but hey we got it done!

This is Alex's. 

This is Connor's
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!