Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goodbye little Juke... goodbye

Today we are celebrating the life of our little fish Juke. Our time with him was very short but we will always remember him and keep him in our hearts.......

Now off you go in a baggie and back to Petsmart where we can exchange you for another fish that looks just like you. Life is so cruel.

From Juke

From Juke

Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday.. Connor

Connor will be turning 11 in just a few days.. I put together a little slideshow of my sweet, wonderful boy!

Click to play Connor
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fish Update...

In case you missed the Something Smells Fishy post we did make it back to Pet Smart last night and decided on six fish. Their names are... Phineas, Ferb, Big Mac, Juke, Shy guy and Star. Connor's two are called silver fin sharks and Alex's are a form of cat fish. The sharks so far have been very aggressive (imagine that) they have been eating most of the food and we are not sure the other fish are getting any. The people at Pet Smart said these fish could be combined but we will see how it goes... I was relieved to check this morning and not find any of them floating on the top of the tank :). Not to be pessimistic but I know fish can be fragile.

From fish

From fish

From fish

From fish

From fish

From fish

Here are a few pictures from our first fish experience...

From fish

From fish

From fish

What's Cookin' Wednesday...

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

I'm getting my perfect moment Monday in just under the wire.

My son (who will be 11 in about a week) was sick today. Without going into too many details (in case I embarrass him) He has been a little moody lately. I know it's his age and the beginning of you know what so I'm trying to be patient and loving. Anyway I've been feeling a little distance with him and not too sound needy but less needed by him shall I say. Already starting to miss him feeling him growing up and away.

Anyway my perfect moment came today. Unforturnately he was sick today and ended up on a pallet on our bedroom floor.. it's where he wanted to be (near the bathroom). So I was in and out every few minutes as well as daddy. After a while (and here's my perfect moment) he said "Mom can you just stay in here with me, I feel better when you're with me?" Of course it stopped me in my tracks. I got my own pillow and blanket and propped myself up beside him. We spent most of the day like that. I don't need to tell you over 40 people how much harder a floor feels at our age. But, I didn't care, I loved every minute of it (except for him being sick of course). We watched several episodes of one of our favorite shows.. Cash Cab on Discovery. Even though he had his eyes closed he was keeping track of how many right answers we got. We did spend some time on ESPN Sports Center (that's when I pulled out my Jennifer Weiner book) Thank you Terra for mentioning this author on your blog, I like her.

He's feeling a little better tonight. It's nice to know he still needs me sometimes... :)

I CapturePerfect Moments.

Click here to check out Lori's Perfect Moment Monday blog...

Something smells fishy...

Guess what???? We are getting fish! The guilt of my kids not having a pet finally wore me down and I in turn wore my husband down (Poor Mark). I just couldn't see one more paper from school come home where you are supposed to write about a pet or fill in the blank.. My pet's name is........ My kids would write things like well we used to have hermit crabs but they died. We used to have fish but had to give them away when we moved from Florida. Mark and I have really never been pet people because we kind of like to be foot loose and fancy free.. but now that there are little people who arn't getting any littler involved we really should think more about it. Connor has allergies to dogs, hamsters, rabbits, birds, horses and who knows what else so that hasn't made our search any easier. We did research and visit a few dogs this summer but nothing really worked out. Connor just thought the Lab mixes looked too silly (sorry if any of you have one, I actually think they are kind of cute) but sooo expensive (as Alex would say) "It's just ridiculous.!"

So we started out looking at a 5 gallon tank and ended up with a 20. We spent yesterday evening shopping for the little things that go inside, you know pirates skulls with knives going through their heads.. that was my personal favorite.. and they thought the cute little mermaid I wanted was..what did Connor say "cheap looking". Well at least it wasn't violent!! But I'm getting off track here. What I thought would be a fun outing to Pet Smart to find all the cute things to put inside the tank well..turned out something like this.

Daddy says, "okay, lets decide on a centerpiece and then we can find things to go around it". I thought, great idea..well both boys wanted something different (of course).. So we took a family vote and tied.. okay so we thought lets have a little contest. We sat each piece on the floor and told the boys to decorate around them and we will see which one we like best.. I think the employee working the dept wasn't quite sure about us because he kept stopping by to see if he could "help". No we would say we are fine. (This is very normal Campbell family behavior.).. Still having trouble making up minds so Mark brings over a tank and sets it on the floor while we put the items in it to see how they look.. another drop by of the employee.. Everything ok over here? Sure we are fine. So we finally compromise and pay for our stuff and head home. (I'm thinking I'm glad I had that Margarita with dinner.. and the employee is thinking.. Are they finally gone?

We came home and started preparing our aquarium. We dumped all the pretty rocks in and then started reading the directions.. :) It said "BE SURE TO RINSE THE ROCK BEFORE PUTTING IN TANK" Mark was just tickled to take them all out and wash them (Alex and I did help).. anyway we got it all situated so now we wait three long days for the water to dechlorinate or whatever so that we can go back and buy fish! We'll see what kind of fun we can get ourselves into with that!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lemon Drop Martini anyone??

Mark and I had a wonderful dinner at J. Alexanders tonight. We were celebrating our 22nd anniversary. Food was great as always and service impeccable.. although the nice young man server did look at me with a funny little grin when I said I would like to have one more of those yummy lemon drop martinis please.. I guess he knew as well as my husband that they go down a little too easy..................... anyway I was fine, really, I'm serious, I hardly wobbled at all walking out of the restaurant..

Thank you Mom and Gary for a wonderful dinner that we didn't have to pay for..yeah!

Mark of course was totally embarrassed when I pulled my camera out of my purse and asked the nice young man server person to please take our picture.. you should have seen the look on Mark's face.. I know he thought it was the yummy lemon drop Martini talkin' but I had it planned all along.

and I'll thank you for not even saying a word about the spot on my shirt.. those darn martini glasses are a little tricky.. seriously.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Special Flashback Friday...

Tomorrow is our anniversary.

Here's to 22 years... Mark you are my best friend and the love of my life. I realized going through all these pictures that it's been quite a journey. I'm so thankful to have spent it with you. Here's to the next 22! I love you, Bonnie

(The song was actually our wedding song)

Click to play Mark & Bonnie 22 yrs
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some of my favorite quotes from the week...

These are some of my favorite quotes..

"Alex has been really nice lately" (from a cute little girl in his class )

Upon my lecturing my oldest about doing better on his homework "School work isn't any fun Okay???"

I took Alex to a skate birthday party the other day. I was going to be there for 2 hours so I thought I might as well put on some skates and get some exercise (I really hadn't skated since jr. high) I had this conversation in my head.. If you can snow ski you can do this! So I asked Alex if he would be embarrassed if I skated too. He said as serious as can be "probably". I promised not to get too close to him. So I skated and didn't fall once... HA! Alex rolled past me a few times and acknowledged me discreetly a couple of times.. Fine I thought, go on and skate with that cute little blond with the fancy dress and cute little tights and cute little hat AND LIP GLOSS! What...Ever!

Upon telling my older son he needed to clean his room he replied "but Mom I like my room this way".

On Tuesday we were discussing the Inauguration when Connor said "Could I stay home this morning and watch the Inauguration"? I was impressed that it was something he would like to see. I wobbled a little in my mind and then said no. I was still proud of him for realizing the importance of it. Then a little while later on his way out the door he said "It's not going to be a very good day" I asked why and he said "On Friday we had a sub and "our class" was kind of wild. My teacher will be back today and we will probably be in trouble" Suddenly I understood. I asked "Is that why you wanted to stay home and watch the inauguration" He grinned at me and said "yeah". I did tape it for him anyway but he got to watch it at school.

What's Cookin' Wednesday...

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Monday, January 19, 2009

My Perfect Moment...

Yes, we have our very own sledding hill in our front yard. I pulled up from taking Alex to a Birthday party yesterday and Mark and Connor were working on the sledding hill. It was a beautiful sunny January day here in Denver. I thought what a perfect scene. I learned something from Lori's blog. She wrote about her mantra for this year.. Be. Here. Now. Enjoy! I have really been using it and you'd be surprised how it helps you appreciate the now. She also has a Perfect Moment Monday blog . Well this is my perfect moment.

To summarize... when I saw Mark out working, shoveling snow it flashed in my mind all that he's been through health wise and I was so thankful to see my healthy husband strong enough to be out there building our traditional snow hill and enjoying the beautiful day with the boys. He even took a few turns down the hill. Here are some pictures... I took them with my new camera..did I mention that I LOVE my new camera??? haha

The song with the slideshow is dedicated to Mark (Who doesn't love Bon Jovi?)

Click to play Sledding
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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Eleventh hour Science Fair Project...

A few weeks ago I seem to remember reading something about a Science Fair coming up at school in the future but for some reason I didn't write down the date. It seemed so far away that I was sure we would have more notices and I would take it seriously as it got closer. In the meantime it totally left my mind.. needed to make room for more current happenings.. can't keep too much in there.

Fast forward to Wednesday (2 days ago). I'm tucking Connor into bed and we are chatting. Sometimes we have our best chats the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. Anyway we were talking as I'm trying to focus fully on what he is saying and trying desperately not to notice out of my periphial vision the dirty clothes scattered about on the floor, the open closet door with shirts half on or totally off there hangers.. it's not important right now. Focus on the now, your son is actually having a conversation with you. Enjoy the now!!

So I'm suddenly brought back to full attention when he says. "Mom, the science fair is on Friday (in 2 days) and could you go tomorrow (Thursday) and buy some fish, you know just some cheap ones so I can do an experiment with them and loud Rock N Roll music to see how they react?" Of course I'm sure I had that blank "Are you kidding me" look on my face. I said umm.. no I won't be able to buy you some fish tommorow and are you serious that the Science Fair is Friday?? I tell him he waited too late (apparently it was an optional project, thank goodness). I told myself he would need to learn a lesson about waiting until the last minute (which although I love him dearly and he has a lot of wonderful traits) He is a procrastinator!

So Thursday he calls me from school and says "Mom, I would really like to to a Science Fair Project and could you just get me some Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Mentos and a tri fold cardboard thing?" I'm sure you all know about this experiment. anyway I relented and said I would see what I could do but he was on his own doing the project because we only had one evening and other things going on..etc.. he agreed and I was off to Wal-mart. (they didn't have regular Mentos so made a second stop to King Soopers.)

Con comes home from school with a friend and is playing outside. I tell him if he wants to do his project he should get started. He continues to play. Meanwhile Mark is telling me how I need to take all the stuff back!! etc. We have dinner and Connor suddenly at 6:10 says "Oh, I told some friends I would come see their band concert tonight at 6:30" (again, that Are you kidding me look) Please Mom.......etc. Okay I can run you over to the school but you are REALLY on your own now with your project and you are not staying up past nine!

I pick Connor up around 7:45 thinking for sure I will be taking the items back to Wal-Mart and we can go to bed and move on with our life. But no.. he really wants to do this, so I again reiterate.. you are on your own. He does pretty well. At nine he goes to bed and asks us to wake him up at 6am so he can finish. I'm really surprised he's sticking with this. I wake him up early, he sleeps a little longer then gets up and starts working again... I cave a little when I see he's trying so hard and start to help him.. I had told him the night before that if he didn't do a good job he couldn't take it. Well it turned out decent so he took it to school along with a video on his flip camera of the experiment in which we did help him with this morning.

Apparently it went over fine.. after school he told me "there were some a lot worse than mine". I'm so proud.

A few pictures of us NOT helping ...................

By the way Terra, you were right. The Diet Pepsi went higher.

Flashback Friday 2002

Grandpa's Birthday 2002...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Blonde moment...

We are selling some bedroom furniture on Craig's list. So I went to get a picture. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?? I went to post it and couldn't stop laughing.

This is a postition we don't see Mark in very often but he just layed down for a few minutes to rest. Without thinking I walked in and snapped this picture. This is our spare bedroom.. (sorry Grandma). The furniture is actually pretty old. My parents bought the set (bed included) at an Estate sale probably 20 yrs ago and Mark refinished it for them. My Dad recently gave it to us. Mark really did a beautiful job on the refinishing. So if you know anyone who needs a bedroom suit...

Julie update

I wanted to share some good news with all of you. I talked to my sister last night and she came home on Saturday! She is planning to go back to work Monday. I think she really exceeded a lot of the expectations of doctors regarding her recovery. I told you she was strong. She is just an amazing person and I'm proud to have her as my sister. She wanted me to thank you again for all your prayers and positive thoughts you sent her way. I'm sure it played no small part in her recovery. She also has said she feels better than she has in years. In case you are not familiar with the situation, you can go back to the original post. and the first update.

She also had to make a decision to give up her pet bird that she has had for many years and is very close too. Scarlett is an Orange Wing Amazon Parrot . They really bond with their owners and Julie and Scarlett were very close so I know it was a very hard decision to give her up. It was just too hard for her to take care of. Julie, I'm sure you and Scarlett will miss one another but you are both off to a new adventure and new chapter in your lives.

Julie...this one's for you.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Going back a few days to my Do you feel what I feel? post I have been pondering why it is that so many people have that after Christmas let down. Well I don't have the answers yet but I do want to tell you about something.
My oldest son (I don't know why but by not mentioning his name I don't feel so guilty talking about him..haha) Anyway he is going to be 11 in just a few weeks and he is starting to show signs of going thru........puberty. He's been pretty moody and grumpy at times. I really didn't expect it this early but from what I'm reading it's the normal time..anyway I noticed he showed some depression around Christmas. When we were still opening presents he disappeared to the other room. I had to go "invite" him back in.. he just wasn't in the Christmas spirit. He usually loves all holidays, especially Christmas. A few mornings ago I went to wake him up and we were chatting (I love these moments) He told me he was disappointed in Christmas. My first instinct was to say "Are you kidding me???" You got sooo many should be thankful.. do you realize how much you have compared to some people??" Anyway I kept it all in for the most part because I could see he truly was sad about something, and I knew it didn't have anything to do with material things.

I took a deep breath and tried to just let him express himself, then I explained to him that I thought sometimes there is such a build up to Christmas that we lose sight of what really makes us happy. The traditions, family, friends.. etc.

So I thought about this for a few days and I have to admit I was a little discouraged and feeling like my kids do not appreciate all that they have. I was thinking about how to teach them.. I thought about a soup kitchen... doing things for others..etc. I'm still thinking about that but I came up with something so simple for now and it really worked! So I wanted to share it with you.

At dinner the other night I told everyone that I wanted to talk to them about something.. They all had that deer caught in headlights look on there face like "Oh no, what's Mom come up with now?" Anyway I told them it may sound a little corny but........... My oldest son said not without sarcasm "Is this something you saw on Oprah?" I said no. He then said "Dr. Phil?" I calmly said no, but thought seriously about sending him to his room without dinner...

So I told them I thought it was a good idea to focus more on things we have to be thankful for instead of the usual dinner conversation about who was mean at school and who did what to who. There is a place for that too but maybe less of it. So my idea was every night at dinner time we will all come up with 3 things we are thankful for and at least one has to be something to do with that day.

I was pleasantly surprised that after teasing me a little they all really enjoyed it. I was also impressed by what they came up with.. It really started some interesting conversation and we all left the table feeling uplifted. I was encouraged that my kids really DO appreciate all that they have and they do realize they are fortunate, they are just being kids when they complain.
It's amazing what a little gratitude can do!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Flashback Friday 2002

I know Christmas is over but I was catching up on my Christmas Scrapbook album and came across this Christmas. We were living in Orlando, Florida. We lived next door to Susie and this Christmas was so fun. We loaded up a wagon of presents on Christmas Eve and the boys pulled the wagon over to Grandma's. You can see in one of the pictures the boys are saying "hohoho". Alex was 2 and Connor was 4.

You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

From flashback friday 2002

From flashback friday 2002

From flashback friday 2002

From flashback friday 2002

From flashback friday 2002

From flashback friday 2002

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I read a quote somewhere about change. Something about learning that change is inevitable in life and the better you get with being flexible the happier you will be... something like that. Anyway I feel like our family is going through a change now. In looking back at old pictures for Flashback Friday it has made me realize how everything changes so quickly. Even if it doesn't feel so in the moment. In looking at the boys as babies and toddlers I realized that is probably the easiest time for being a parent. Even though it is physically exhausting, there main needs are pretty basic.
Now that they are getting older there is so much coming at them and so many decisions to make, for them and as parents. Warning: you may cringe at this next sentence..both boys got cell phones for Christmas..I know I know they are young and I never thought they would have them this young but I have to say it's been nice to be connected. Anyway our oldest it seems overnight has become very social, texting a lot. Girls and boys (mostly girls). The other day several of them were texting and trying to set up a get together. They wanted to see a movie together.. It kind of caught me off guard but after finding out all the details we decided to let him go. It went fine but it made me realize he is growing up.

Anyway I'm mostly rambling but for those of you who still have little ones, embrace all the little moments and the innocence. It gets more complicated as we go along.. I always thought it would get easier.. silly me!

What's Cookin' Wednesday

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A visit to the park...

The other day we visited our favorite park. It's called Westlands Park. We played a little "family football" and the kids played a little. It was a beautiful day in Colorado. I was excited to use my new camera Mark got me for Christmas. I really Love it. My old camera had a broken battery door and my batteries were always falling out when I was trying to take a picture. Also it was very slow so I missed a lot of good action shots. My new pretty shiny camera is a Nikon Coolpix S60. It's red and did I say I LOVE IT! He got it at Costco and said he got a good deal on it..regardless..I LOVE IT. It has a touch screen and a stylist where you can actually write on the picture..... so fun! Anyway here are a few pictures I took at the park. I didn't get as many as I would have liked because my boys sometimes express to me to "STOP taking pictures"!! I don't know what thier problem is. haha.

Getting ready for a game of Family Football.. they are waiting on me..

Alex jumping off the big hand. We ran into some kids we know from school.

Connor jumping... notice the action shot I took with my new camera :)