Sunday, April 25, 2010

Outdoor Ed

A couple of weeks ago Connor went on his 6th grade "Outdoor Ed" trip. It was a 2 1/2 day trip to the mountains, with his classmates. I really hadn't thought much about it in previous days. We went over the list of what he'd need, hiking boots, warm clothes..etc. We purchased a few items we didn't have, everything was on track. I've been a little preoccupied and hadn't really thought about how I "felt" about him going. He was looking forward to it but was cautiously excited. I think he wasn't quite sure what to expect. The good news was he was going to Estes Park which is one of his favorite places and he's been there many times. I drove him to the school that morning with a large duffel bag, a backpack and a sack lunch. As we were driving he mentioned that his stomach didn't feel so good. I'm sure it was a little bit of anxiety. I didn't tell him but I was having some butterflies myself. Suddenly it hit me that I'm sending him off away from home for the first time ever. I'm leaving him in the hands of basically strangers. I got butterflies and horrifyingly enough, felt like I was going to cry. I knew he would think I was crazy if he saw tears in my eyes so I told myself to "get it together, you are being so silly!"

Anyway I dropped him off with a sea of other 12 yr olds and drove away. Intermittently over the next couple of days I would say things like "I wonder if Con is ok?" or "I wonder what Connor's doing.". I kept looking at the clock. Mark would just say "He's fine, stop worrying." When it was time for him to come home I drove to the place the buses were dropping them off. I was so excited... and a little early :-)

Well the buses finally came and I was eagerly waiting as the kids started filing off the first bus. Some of them looked pretty tired and sunburned. I wondered to myself how Connor had fared. I waited until the last one came off the bus and Connor wasn't one of them. I then moved down as the second bus pulled up and kids started unloading, again no Connor. Finally the third bus, I'm watching each one get off and reunite with their families, still no Connor. Then suddenly there he was, right in front of me with all his gear. He said "Hey Mom What's up?" and turned to walk to the car. He actually looked really good, not quite as haggard as some of the others. So we walked to the car and headed for home. As we were walking I thought to myself how our kids have no idea the emotions we go through as they are learning to spread their wings. Not only is it a learning experience for them, preparing them to grow up and be independent. It is a learning process for me as a mom learning to let go a little at a time for some day they will fly away. And that's the way it's supposed to be. I was still so happy to have him home, back in my little nest for now anyway, I felt complete again.

Right before I dropped him off I snapped this quick picture from the front seat of the car.

One of Connor's friends took this picture

A shelter Connor and his group made

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday - Kenny Chesney (a little late)

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Sometimes a perfect moment is hearing a favorite song or hearing just the right song at just the perfect moment. That is what happened to me driving down the road the other day. I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and this song came on the radio. It really calmed me and somehow put everything into perspective. It also made me think of a friend who is going through a really tough time... so this goes out to you also (you know who you are).

Sunday Scribblings... Deadline

I was searching "writing blogs" hoping for some inspiration. I love to write but have been a little on the uninspired side. I discovered this blog called Sunday Scribblings. and thought it would be a fun way to get my creative juices flowing. So here goes my first stab at it. The prompt is Deadline. Feel free to post your own and link to Sunday Scribblings or add them in comments. I'd love it if you play along. Basically as far as I can tell it can be a poem, short story or anything you feel like writing pertaining to the word Deadline.


They have found some mold
in our humble abode
We have to go away
don't know where we will stay
It might be a hotel
It could be all well
On the other hand in such a small space
there might be a case
of fighting and sparring
The thought all of us in close quarters
is quite a bit jarring
I know we will survive
and come out alive
It might not be pretty
but it's life in the big city

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

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Connor was invited to a birthday party this weekend. Specifically Saturday. He was going to go do "Paintball" with a group of boys in the afternoon and then go back to their house and have pizza and cake. I have to admit I was nervous about him doing the paintball thing. He and I went over the website together. I explained and pointed out that he must wear lots of padding and it really does "sting" when you get hit. Connor is pretty adventurous and is always willing to try anything once. At the risk of sounding like an overprotective mom I was concerned. I know my boy pretty well and I really didn't think he was going to like it. I was worried about him getting too hot (it's indoors and you dress in layers). He dehydrates easily...and so on and so on. I was so consumed with worrying about the paintball it didn't even occur to me until he was about to leave that he wouldn't be home Easter morning! That has never happened. We always have eggs to hunt and Easter baskets to sort through first thing in the morning. I was a little bummed and honestly I think he was too when I mentioned it to him. He didn't show it too much though. I told him that I would just pick him up at 9am and we would do Easter then.

So here is my perfect moment...
It's 11pm Saturday night. We are all in bed. Mark nudges me and says "I think I just heard the doorbell." I hopped out of bed and went to the door. There was my son peeking in the window with an apologetic look on his face. He was so sorry to wake us but he was really tired and just wanted to come home. (The Mom of the boy he was sleeping over with was kind enough to bring him home). Between you and me I guess Easter morning is still important to him. I was thrilled to have him home. This morning I woke up and told Mark I was glad he came home. Mark said "I was just thinking the same thing."

Happy Easter

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

We had a great time coloring eggs last night. I know one day soon the boys are going to outgrow this tradition so I try to absorb it all I can for now. Although Grandpa still enjoys it so who knows? Grandpa and Pam came over for dinner and helped us color eggs. Thankfully at some point after dinner Pam asked "Did you boil the eggs?"..................I had completely forgotten. where is my mind? Gone, gone, gone. Anyway we quick put them on to boil and then............... started chatting.......and chatting.........and then Connor called from the kitchen "Mom, the eggs are EXPLODING!". Again I ask "where is my mind?". gone gone gone...

Only a few eggs had cracked :-) and everything worked out.


Friday, April 2, 2010

To Board or not to Board...

There is a lot going on around our house these days. Thus part of the reason I haven't kept up with my blogging. Really I quess there is a lot to blog about just not fun stuff! I won't bore you with the details but our house has a little leak that has caused quite a bit of damage in floors and walls..causing MOLD! We will have to move out at least temporarily soon.. I will keep you posted.

We were planning a little trip to Kansas to visit family in a couple of weeks and are trying to decide what to do with these guys.

Not Alex, he will go with us (haha). They are a little too high maintenance to ask anyone to watch them for us so our option is to either board them or take them. Our vet has a really nice facility but we are such softies we have a hard time thinking about leaving them there for 3-4 days. We took them in for shots yesterday to make sure they were up to date just in case.

Anyway I was determined to get a post up today so boring or not here it is. We are coloring Easter Eggs with Grandpa and Pam tonight so we are looking forward to that.

What are your Easter plans or traditions?