Monday, October 27, 2008

Hockey Game and more...

Well we've been staying busy with the kids off track and Grandma visiting. Grandma Mickey arrived Friday morning. Mark and the boys picked her up at the airport. Grandma took Alex to see High School Musical 3 (Connor was NOT interested). Anyway, Grandma and Alex had a nice outing and according to Alex it was the BEST HSM YET!!

Saturday night we went to a DU Hockey game. We were given GOLD LEVEL tickets by our good friends. Thank you again! The boys brought two friends and had a great time. A catered dinner was included and the boys just thought it was the best thing ever~! Until they realized there was free hot chocolate, popcorn AND Ice cream floats for dessert! The boys kept getting up for more popcorn and Hot chocolate. I thought they were all going to be sick. Alex did have a tummy ache when we got home, can't imagine why..haha

Gearing up for Halloween.. haven't carved our pumpkins yet, need to do that. We do have costumes picked out and ready to go..yeah! You'll have to wait for Halloween to see what they decided to be. Can't wait to post those pictures!

From Hockey game

From Hockey game

From Hockey game

From Hockey game

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alex gets new Jammies...

We were at Target the other night and I passed by these cute one piece pajamas with penguins. 1. Alex loves penguins, 2. he hasn't worn the one piece pjs with feet since he was about 2. I showed him and he loved them! I think he looks so cute in them. Mark thinks it's a desperate attempt on my part to keep him little. I will admit it. It makes me a little sad sometimes that the boys are growing up so fast. Regardless I took some pictures of both boys because for some reason after they had their pjs on Connor decided to put his cowboy hat on. The same cowboy hat he has had since he was an old village man in a play he did in pre-k when he was 4. It was the "Stone Soup" story. I love the hat. He has it on in many pictures over the past few years...anyway here are the pictures. Of course they decided to be a little silly when I said I wanted a picture.

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs

Hi Bonnie...

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something the boys do a LOT of is playing football in the backyard. It's one of those everyday things that some day they may not do anymore. I hope they will still come over when they are married with kids of their own and play a friendly game of football. I thought I'd take a few pictures... They usually have shoes on but for some reason were playing in bare feet. Jared is a neighborhood friend who plays with them quite a bit.

The music goes on longer than the movie so just click off at the end.. I'm still learning this program.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miller Farms

Yesterday was the boys first day off track. We decided to drive out to Miller Farms. It's a big farm about 45 minutes north of where we live. It was a beautiful warm sunny fall day. They have some fun activities but the main attraction is the Tractor/hay rack ride through the different crops. You get to get out at each stop and pick vegetables. We gathered corn, potatoes, onions, gourds..etc. They also had lots of pumpkins to choose from. Connor and I had visited there with his fourth grade class and wanted to share it with Alex and Dad. We had a fun day!

Click to play Miller Farms
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Aren't Sunday mornings great??

Mark left early Sunday morning and I slept in. I woke up and walked into the living room and this is what I found. Obviously they are still waking up but I thought it was sweet that they were sitting together. Connor didn't want me to take this picture so he probably won't like me posting it but I couldn't resist.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Weekend...

Connor came home from school on Thursday and wasn't feeling well. He started throwing up (sorry) shortly thereafter and continued until about 3:00am. He stayed home from school Friday. He was feeling better by afternoon and going stir crazy, so we went to the aquarium Friday evening. I won't bore you with too many aquarium pics, I know I've posted a lot because the kids love going there.

Saturday both had football games and both won..yeah! Yesterday (Sunday) we went to the Bronco Game (thank you Terra and Mr.& Mrs.Slingerlend). Connor brought a friend and we had a good time. We could have done without the large crude face painter man in front of us who was unfortunately sitting next to 2 Buccaneers fans, ouch! A little funny anecdote.. for any of you Seinfeld watchers. Do you remember the episode where David Putty (Elaine's boyfriend) painted his face for a Devils game and he said "Gotta support the team"? Well Alex said that in my ear when the face painter sat down in front of us, you probably had to be there but I thought it was pretty funny. Alex often surprises me with his great comedic timing, especially for an 8 yr old. (you may also be wondering why an 8yr old knows Seinfeld). oh well.