Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving visit to Wichita

We had a nice Thanksgiving. I hope you all did too! We traveled to Wichita and made a couple of stops along the way. The first stop was in Oakley, Ks. at the
Fick Museum. It is a fossil museum where mostof the fossils were part of the Fick family's collection that they found right in the Oakley area.

The second stop along I70 was The Sternberg Museum in Hays Ks. We were there last May so I won't bore you with more pictures.

We spent Thanksgiving at Susie's. Grandma Dot, my Dad, My brother Jerry, my neice Amanda and her husband Freddie joined us. It was really nice to all be together. Before our dinner the boys picked up leaves for Grandma and drove the tractor..

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We got to celebrate my brother's birthday on Friday night. We had homemade tacos and ice cream cake. We celebrated at my dad's house. It was the four of us, Jerry, his daughter (my neice) Amanda, my Dad and Aunt JoAnn.

On Saturday we celebrated Susie's birthday. We went to her favorite Mexican restaurant.. "Connie's". It has been in Wichita for years. Harrison Ford frequents it quite a lot when he's in town buying airplanes or having them maintenanced.

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We visited the Kansas Aviation Museum From 1935 to 1954 it was the main airport in Wichita. It is right by Boeing and McConnell AFB. Grandma and Grandpa remembered coming to this airport as small children.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday

Thanksgiving 2001. Connor was 3, Alex was a little over a year. Mark and I were in our early 20's or something like that... (not) that would make Grandpa in his 40's..............................or so..haha
Someone had given us those little vests for the boys. I just loved them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting ready for Thanksgiving...

First and foremost I wanted to say a big thanks to Terra for redesigning my blog. I love it and have already had several compliments on it. Thank you so much. I have a feeling you will be getting a few requests...

Well today is the boys last day of school before Thanksgiving. We are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving in Wichita. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! I have a few pictures to share.

We had lunch with Alex at school last week. They had a Thanksgiving lunch and we got to go. Connor wasn't there because he was on a field trip. I didn't have my camera so I took a picture with my phone, not the best but better than nothing. Sorry about the Garbage cans in the back.

I received a special invite from my friend and neighbor Garrett or as I like to call him my sweetie, to come to his school and have Thanksgiving lunch with him. (I was actually his 3rd choice, he wanted Alex or Connor but they were in school .. oh well, who's counting, right? haha) It was nice to see his school and meet his teachers and classmates. Thank you Garrett for inviting me!

We decided to put up our Christmas decorations early since we will be in Ks. next weekend. The boys did a good job decorating.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, so one of my frustrations is that my boys (especially the eldest, not to mention any names) always take off their socks and leave them in various places around the house. Everywhere I go there's a pair of dirty socks on the floor..... the living room, the basement, everywhere!! I can't quite figure out why they or he take them off so often and I'm guessing then goes and gets a brand new clean pair to put on??? So I had a thought one day. Instead of getting irrated and yelling at whichever boy to pick up his socks or more often than not just picking them up myself (which is the problem I suppose) I would turn it into something fun to help save what little shred of sanity I have left. So I decided to do a blog post about socks........ When Mark caught me taking pictures of socks on the floor..he said "Oh you are gathering evidence so that at allowance time we will have proof".. he had kind of this wicked smile on his face... he was loving it because it drives him crazy also.. so when I said no it's for my blog, he just kind of had this blank look on his face. You can imagine what he was thinking.. I get these looks a lot so I'm kind of used to it. He just says "okay" and probably added it to his list that he's keeping to show the judge someday to have me committed.. But hey he has to have proof right?? And who would pick up the socks then??

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Flashback Friday

My babies.. this picture was taken in Vail. It's one of my favorites.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I've learned this week...

1. Not to be to devastated when the boys say they hate each other because in 5 minutes they are laughing and loving each other again.... meanwhile mom is still devastated that they would say such a thing.

2. Sometimes when you write down thoughts that you find funny but don't really think anyone else will.... they do.

3. That once plugged in and turned on my treadmill does actually work!!

4. I actually CAN go to McDonalds with my kids and eat a salad (preferably the southwest salad) and not eat even one single one of thier french fries!!!!!

5. Some days Alex will actually put on underwear without us reminding him!!

6. After having a heart to heart with my youngest son, maybe he doesn't actually "hate" his bedroom or think there is something scary on the ceiling (making me feel guiltly for letting him watch "hauntings" on the Discovery channel) that maybe he just wants to sleep with Mom and Dad.

7. I love my Vlingo.. credit to my "technical advisor, teacher, guru, very patient friend Terra.

8. I can actually go several days in a row without getting into my kids Halloween candy. I really do need to get the chocolate out of the house... or at least hide from myself.. I think I've polished off all the Almond Joys, and Snickers so the biggest temptation is out of the it were.

9. Connor really can wear something other than plain white t-shirts and shorts. He had to dress up for a field trip to the Symphony. He looked very handsome in his dress clothes..even wore a tie!!

10. I learned that when playing "Sorry" with my family, the boys are kinder to Mark. They actually seem to ENJOY making me go back to home or knocking me off the board. May I remind those little.............. ummm boys that I was the one to carry them for 9 months... being nauseated the first 4-5 months. Being in labor with one of them for 3 days before having major surgery to see that he came safely into the world... sorry, where was I?? Truthfully just between us I think it's that they know I am the real threat when it comes to board games.. Daddy feels sorry for them, but hey it's just a game..right??

And last but not least... that I have wonderful family and friends supporting me and cheering me on. I truly am blessed.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where oh where!

Where oh where did our contractor go? Oh, where oh where could he be? He tore down our deck...and took the check.......oh where oh where could he be????????????? We had a contractor come out several weeks ago to look at our deck (which was rotting and in dangerous condition). The owner of our house hired him right away to build a new deck because she was afraid someone would get hurt. Well, he showed up one day and tore down the old one. (about 2-3 wks ago) and never came back. So it's much safer having the 2 story drop then the wobbly deck. Makes the fall a lot quicker and there's no falling debris on top of you! So when you look out our sliding glass doors out of the kitchen there is about a 20 ft or so drop........ We are really not even upset (helps that its's not our money) it's just kind of funny. Everytime I walk by the doors I just sing to myself..... Where oh where? (see above) I actually crack myself up coming up with different rhymes..... like Where oh where..he tore down the deck and if you open the door you could fall and break your neck..oh where oh where.. I know what you are thinking. 1. She's losing it. 2. She needs to get a job outside the home. 3. Is there a mental health facility nearby? (Actually that's what I was thinking) haha.. ps. we do have the door braced so no one can fall out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alex's (not so big) Injury

Don't tell Alex though. He's been complaining of a wrist/hand injury he incurred when his big brother (not mentioning any names here) clobbered........ I mean tackled him playing football. It's been bothering him for a few days but he came home from school yesterday complaining that it really hurts when he's writing. We decided we better get it checked out because I've heard many times from parents who don't think it could possibly be broke because kids seem to have a higher tolerance for pain.. anyway when I told him we would see the Dr. tommorow (today). He was.........excited. I think he started having visions of a bright colored cast of his choice (yellow or neon green if they have it) or at the very least a brace or something that would bring attention to it. To his dissapointment the dr. said he thought it was probably just a sprain and to come back Monday if it continues to hurt. He looked so dejected as we left the Dr.'s office. Even teary eyed because "it hurt so much.." and he couldn't possibly go back to school because he couldn't write or anything! Well my experienced mommy brain kicked in and I said "how about we stop by Walgreen's and buy a brace, just so it won't "Hurt" so much. Well he thought that was a great idea. So after a quick stop at Walgreens and $8.69 later he's happily ready to go to school. was time for recess, so he excitedly ran out to the playground to show off his brace..............and probably to play a little football because afterall he's wearing a brace.:)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dinosaur Exhibit

I didn't want to title this blog with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science because I figured you might not read it because we've had so many of those! It IS one of the boys favorite places to go (at least it's not the aquarium, even I would have groaned at that one) If I have to walk through and look at those fish ONE MORE TIME.....haha I guess it is good that they love museums.. better than playing arcade games..etc. Anyway I'm trying to destract myself from the Bronco game. They have been dissapointing lately, hopefully they will get it together soon, let us pray.............. just kidding (kind of). Not sure why they are playing on a Thursday..? Anyway the museum has a new temporary Dinosaur Exhibit. Mark had taken the boys a couple of weeks ago when I was sick but we all went yesterday because of course Mom had to see it. (I love that they want to share)... The boys were having fun in some of the exhibits video taping each other talking about the exhibit. You can't hear them very well but I will try to post them.

From Dinosaur exhibit

From Dinosaur exhibit

From Dinosaur exhibit

From Dinosaur exhibit

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mark the toy maker...

For those of you who have known us a while you know Mark used to do a lot of wood working but hasn't done much in years. Well, he bought a new saw and has been making things for the boys and teaching them a little. This makes me happy. I always hoped he would be inspired to take it up again even if only in a small way. Here are his latest projects. He did two and alex did one. Guess which one Alex made...

From Woodworking

From Woodworking

Monday, November 3, 2008

Steamboat Springs...

On Saturday, after the football games and a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese we headed for Steamboat. Mark's Great Aunt Gladys lives there so we went up for a quick visit and also to take Grandma (Susie) who was going to drive with Gladys to her Winter home in Arizona...(I would have liked to come along to visit my sister Julie, my neice Faith and great nephew Kyle.) We spent the night Saturday and they left for their two day trek Sunday morning. They should be there by now but haven't heard for sure. I will call later to check in. It was a nice little get away and nice to see Gladys whom we hadn't seen in a while. We stayed around town for a little while on Sunday and stopped by a couple of parks and went through a few shops. Here are a few pictures...

From Steamboat

From Steamboat

From Steamboat

From Steamboat

From Steamboat

From Steamboat

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Football Playoffs

The boys both made it into the "playoffs" in flag football. Connor was playing for 3rd or 4th and won so their team came in 3rd......Go Raptors!! Connor was part time Quarterback but also played other various positions. He played hard and had fun. Also played well. Good Job Connor! I love watching you do something that you love!

Alex was playing for 1st place! and...........won!! Go Hurricanes! They were playing a team that they had lost to twice before so it was exciting for all of us to watch. Alex had a coach who was a little rough around the edges but kept the boys on their toes. Alex played quarterback most of the time because the coach said he had a great arm and was very accurate (coaches words not mine..)

Our Halloween...

I've been anxious to post our Halloween pictures but it's been pretty busy around here. We carved pumpkins on Wednesday out on the deck in the warm sun. We have had a warm fall. Even Halloween night was mild which is very unusual around here. Grandma Susie and Grandpa Dick were here on Halloween. Grandma handed out the candy and Mark, Grandpa and I took the kids Trick or Treating. Connor for the first time actually broke off from our group and went with his friends for awhile. Didn't make me a bit nervous, nope not at all. I also didn't feel sad that it was the first Halloween He separated from his family and would rather be with his buds... I suppose the next thing you know he will too old to Trick or Treat!! What--ever!!!

Anyway where was I..?? haha We did all have a nice Halloween and I hope you all did too!

ps. for those of you who don't know, Alex has a really sensitive gag reflex. He loves carving pumpkins but has a hard time because the smell and texture make him gag (literally). So bless his heart he hangs in there with us but it is kind of comical to watch. You will notice in some of the pics by his face.

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