Sunday, March 30, 2008


We are officially on Spring Break. The kids are out of school until April 7th. Mark will be working most of the week so we took a three day ski trip in Snowmass. We were there from Wednesday evening until Saturday around 10:30 am.

The kids are really skiing well. Mark can still keep up but I was having a hard time (Don't tell them though). Mark took a pretty bad fall the first afternoon. He scraped up is forehead and cheek. Also hurt his arm. It was really swollen and bruised. He's been putting ice on it but it's still pretty sore. He should probably have it x-rayed. It's looking better though. Since I'm telling on Mark I have to admit I took a pretty good fall myself. It was the second day in the afternoon and I was getting tired. I tried to keep up with them down a pretty steep (and icy) blue run. I bruised up my knee and hip. Mark and I were both feeling pretty beat up by the time we left but had a great time and the kids did too. (Maybe we are getting to old for this..haha).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday


We had a great day. Alex is still sick but felt pretty good most of the day. The boys woke up early, about 6:20. They were too excited to sleep. They enjoyed their Easter baskets. It was a really pretty day. We spent a lot of time outside. Grandpa and Grandma were here. We played Bocce ball. The boys went down to the creek behind our house and found a nest of snakes..ick. They were just Gardner snakes but pretty thick..still ick. Of course they were thrilled. Grandpa and Dad helped them make boats to race down the creek. The kids only hunted Easter eggs a couple of times. Usually it would be much more. I think they are outgrowing it a little. Makes me a little sad but we all still had a wonderful Easter. I was looking back in our scrapbooks of Easters past. In 2004 Mark was very sick (and had lost his hair). It made me so thankful to have him enjoying the day, feeling good, jumping on the trampoline, playing catch with the kids.. We are truly blessed this Easter.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday, the day before Easter...

I once read a quote by Joan Lundon that said "In life, always be ready for plan B". I've found that to be true especially when you have kids..maybe even plan c,d,e,f..etc. Alex was sick when I picked him up from school yesterday. Poor thing looked so droopy. I think he was a little sick in the morning but didn't want to miss his field trip to the aquarium or the Easter Egg hunt they were having (Who would?). So he made it through the day but fell asleep in the car on the way home and has had a fever in between doses of Motrin since then. He had to miss his first Football game of the season. We also cancelled plans for dinner with our friends. He really wanted to color Easter eggs so he got through that and then he went to lay down again. Grandma made it here about 1:00. We were all happy to see her. Of course she brought lots of Easter goodies.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nothing much new...

It's Tuesday and there is really not much new. Connor was sick last night but went to school this morning and seems to be fine now. I quess it was just a little bug. I was surprised when he popped up in bed and said "I think I will try to go to school. I hate make up work". I told him he could call home if he needed to come home but he never did. What a trooper!

We played "Family Football" after school. It's always Connor and I against Mark and Alex. We tied 28-28. I tried a new recipe in the crock pot, bbq beef. It went over pretty well, always nice to have something new that everyone likes. (I posted the recipe on the bottom right hand side of blog). We are all ready for Spring Break. We have a late one. March 31 - April 4. We are going skiing the first few days and then home for the rest of the week. We will try to find some fun things to do. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alex had his first Flag Football practice of the season last night. We feel so lucky, the park they are practicing in is practically in our backyard. There is an open space just behind our house and then a field just south of it. That is where they are having practice. We just jump over our fence and walk over. We could actually watch from our deck, which we may due in the future. Two of the kids from Alex's Fall team are back and one of the coaches so it was nice to see them again and catch up.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Well it's Friday. This week seemed to fly by. Last night the boys had a Basketball awards ceremony. They received a full size basketball. They play at a church in Parker. The program is called Upwards. This was Connor's 5th season and Alex's 3rd. They had a man there that travels all over the world doing a basketball show. He was pretty entertaining.

Connor has had difficulty sleeping at night since the time change. He was so tired this morning when I tried to wake him up he said " Call the school, tell them I died and let me rest in peace. I thought it was pretty funny. Alex has his first flag football practice tonight. There is a chance of snow so it might not happen afterall. It really doesn't look like snow though. We are looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we can all catch up on our sleep. Connor needs to do some reading on his Steven Spielberg book. His book report is due 3/25 and he is on chapter 2. There are only 6 chapters but they are kind of long. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well we've almost made it through Monday. The kids had a hard time going to sleep last night, partly because our neighbors stopped in and they got to playing and we lost track of time. Then we remembered Connor had homework. He had to weigh and measure 15 items and write it down. We only have bathroom scales and the least they will show is .5 lb. so at 9:00 last night we were all weighing ourselves and then holding things on the scale to see how much it chairs, pots, broom etc...

I thought they would be really tired today but they seemed to have good days and are now outside playing basketball. They are going to watch a movie with the neighbors at 6:00. Not sure if they are watching at our house or theirs...

We just finished dinner (spaghetti). Mark is busy for the next 3 days..he's feeling pretty good these days. Looks tired at the end of the day but he is going to be 42 soon..getting old.haha. He works really hard and is holding up well. I'm proud of him. That's it for today.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday....busy day

Well, we were out the door at 8:30 this morning. The boys had thier last basketball games. They both had good games. They both won....good way to end off the season. We will be starting flag football next week. The weather can be unpredictable this time of year for sports. It could be really nice one day and snowing the next.

We came home, the boys relaxed for a little while and watched a movie. Then they talked us into a family game of backyard baseball. We are outgrowing the backyard. Alex hit 3 home runs into the neighbors yard. (luckily we use tennis balls). Mark and I were against the boys. Mark didn't think I was fast enough in the outfield. It got a little ugly..haha. He Didn't like my throwing either, maybe we should stick to family football..because I'm sooooooo much better at that!! hahaha

We went to a pizza party for Alex's basketball team. Now the kids are playing outside with the neighbors. Gives me time to play on by blog...yeah

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, it's the end of the school week for the boys. We have parent/teacher conferences tomorrow, so they have Friday off. They both have spring fever so I hope it warms up soon. It was cold today and snowed a little earlier.

They both have there last basketball game of the season this Saturday. They have really enjoyed this season. They bonded with the other boys on their teams and had good coaches. I will not miss driving to Parker 3 times a week but it really hasn't been that bad. Usually whenever one is practicing the other does homework so it worked pretty well. Also thier games have been back to back every Sat., Alex at 9:00 and Connor at 10:00.

Last night the boys wanted to put out Easter decorations. At first I thought I would help but they were having so much fun I just let them do what they wanted. They actually did a really nice job. (they got a little silly, see slideshow).

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday,March 2nd, 2008

Well it's cold and snowy here today. Yesterday it was 70 and sunny. We probably have at least 4 inches of snow.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, felt like Spring had arrived. After much persuading by Connor we drove up to Dinosaur Ridge. It's a place in Morrison, not very far from us. It's part of the Morrison formation. There are visable dinosaur and plant fossils in the rocks. there are also real imprints of dinosaur tracks. We hiked up a trail and explored a little. It was nice to be outside getting fresh air.

A couple of weeks ago the boys had a science fair at their school. Alex's was a group project. He did a great job explaining it but I can't remember now what it was exactly (being the scientific person I am..haha) It was something to do with an egg and vinegar and the shell disolving. Connor did his project on, you'll never quess.............Dinosaurs! It was titled "The Cretaceous period....the deadliest time of all". He worked hard on it but enjoyed presenting it. It was easy for him to present because he could talk about prehistoric stuff 24 hours a day.