Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy week ahead..

It's going to be kind of a busy week so I thought I would do a quick post to catch up a little... Lets see, what's new? Well, Mark and I are band parents! Connor came home a few days ago telling us all about a band assembly they had at school. He was really excited about it. He said he got to try out a couple of instruments and he really liked the Cello and Trombone. They had a rental night at the high school where you could go and there were 3 different instrument rental companies set up at tables. Basically you just fill out the paperwork and pick an instrument. It probably sounds corny but I was thinking... What a great country we live in that a 10 yr old child can pick almost any instrument he wants to play and for a small rental fee can learn to play it for free!! Anyway Connor decided on a Trombone. We brought it home and watched a dvd on how to put it together, etc... He has his first band class tomorrow morning. He goes at 7:45 am. He is pretty excited about it. Who knew he would want to try this but I'm glad he's not afraid to venture out and try something new.

Alex has a birthday coming up on September 1st. He will be turning 8! He is having a home birthday party with a few of his friends. We are renting a big air jumper obstacle course. Should be fun.. (and tiring, haha). But how often do you turn 8 yrs old? Luckily Grandma and Great Grandma are on their way here as we speak.. They should be here within the hour. We will take all the help we can get.

My next blog will probably be the birthday party pictures.
Have a good week.

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The Bailey Family said...

How cool! I bet Connor is going to love Band! Please keep us updated!

Tell Alex his b-day gift is going to be a little late and we're sorry... Wow -it's hard to believe Alex is almost 8!!