Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Scribblings... Deadline

I was searching "writing blogs" hoping for some inspiration. I love to write but have been a little on the uninspired side. I discovered this blog called Sunday Scribblings. and thought it would be a fun way to get my creative juices flowing. So here goes my first stab at it. The prompt is Deadline. Feel free to post your own and link to Sunday Scribblings or add them in comments. I'd love it if you play along. Basically as far as I can tell it can be a poem, short story or anything you feel like writing pertaining to the word Deadline.


They have found some mold
in our humble abode
We have to go away
don't know where we will stay
It might be a hotel
It could be all well
On the other hand in such a small space
there might be a case
of fighting and sparring
The thought all of us in close quarters
is quite a bit jarring
I know we will survive
and come out alive
It might not be pretty
but it's life in the big city


Lindsay said...

aww loved this! What a fun blog to find some inspiration :-)

Anita said...

Oh Bonnie, this says so much. Do you have a date when the work and your move out will begin?
Wishing you the best.

Denise Moncrief said...

Best of luck on your move. Enjoyed your post. Hope you will keep sharing.

oldegg said...

Fun poem full of great images. Glad you found Sunday Scribblings.

Terra said...

OK HELLO, do you really need a place to stay? I have lots of floor space! LOTS and LOTS of it...

Dee Martin said...

Oh that's terrible, if this isn't fiction. Welcome to Sunday Scribbling - hope you will hang around and keep posting :)

Sheri said...

What a great post. It's hard to believe you wrote it while feeling so uninspired. Amazing!

I'm hoping the transition goes smoothly.

Kim H. said...

Oh Bonnie, hang in there. I'm sorry I missed this when you first posted. I will pray that there is a quick and full remedy of the situation. Funny, as I type this I have the sneezes and sniffles. :)

When it's all done and you look back it'll have been just a small bump in the road of life.