Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Part 3... Pumpkin Carving!

We always enjoy carving our pumpkins. It's one of our favorite traditions. I almost titled this post "Pumpkin carving gone wild" because well it got a little wild. It all started out fine but then Alex started having his yearly gagging problem. He loves the act of cleaning out and carving his own pumpkin but the texture and smell get to him. He gags and digs, takes a breath, scoops some more, gags.. and on and on it goes. He hangs in there though and gets it done. Connor thinks it's funny and decided to torture his brother in various ways. One being scooping out "pumpkin guts" and dangling them in front of Alex. It ended up in a pumpkin gut throwing fight.

Then out came the power tools. Living with Grandpa, you have all kinds of cool tools at your disposal. It wasn't quite the Norman Rockwell family jack o lantern carving experience I may have imagined it would be but that is the joys of boys and I wouldn't trade it for anything.... well maybe... nah.

Check out Grandpas spot lights...told you he had cool stuff
Grandpa keeping the stove going

The finished products


The Bailey Family said...

Wow Bonnie!! That is some SERIOUS pumpkin carving -they turned out great-!! Looks like a good time was had by all :-)

blueviolet said...

Holy cow, you weren't kidding about having tools!

Becky said...

Power tools? The poor little pumpkins didn't have a chance. The end project looks great! I understand the pumpkin guts gagging syndrome. It's pretty gross stuff.

Terra said...

power tools, really! Holy Moly! I will get back to you on your email on thursday K?

Jenny said...

Wow. Remember that show with Tim Allen...Home Improvement? You two could totally host a new one of those. This was cool.