Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's the little things that are really big.

As most of you know the past year has been pretty interesting for us. We moved out of our house last May just as the kids were finishing school and lived in a hotel for a couple of months and then moved in with Dad. It's been quite a journey. Probably one of the toughest times in our lives. It has been a time of sadness and stress but also an amazing journey through healing, faith and growth. We are so thankful to Dad for taking us in. We know what a sacrifice he is making and I have to say he has been amazing.

When we moved we put pretty much everything we own in storage. We only brought with us what we thought we would need for a couple of months. Well nearly one year later we are managing pretty well without all that "stuff". I know the boys miss their "stuff" and would like to have their own rooms but I have to say they have risen to the occasion. It has truly been a learning experience for them too. Sometimes I worry it has shaken their security but other times I see in them a strength and confidence they may not have otherwise developed.

Even though it's been rough there have also been many blessings. Mark's successful surgery back in November is one of the greatest. The other is watching the relationship bloom between the boys and grandpa. I know years from now they will remember this time in our lives and look back at the quality time they were able to spend with their grandpa.

Not only has he given us a safe haven to duck into during this time of crises and healing he has done many little things that are really big things to make the boys more at home.

One of those being this basketball hoop he made for the boys. The boys really miss their basketball hoop we had at our last house. They spent a lot of time shooting hoops and playing basketball together and with friends and neighbors. Well a few weeks ago they figured out a way to improvise. They used a medium size rubber ball and bounced it against the side of the house, Making a point required hitting the ball on just the right board. Well, I came home from work one day and saw them shooting hoops into something bolted onto the side of the wall. I actually teared up when I realized Grandpa had cut the top off of a bucket or something and bolted it to the wall so they could play basketball.

These are the moments that stop me in my tracks and make me realize how much we have to be thankful for.

From the bottom of my heart... Thank you Dad........for everything.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift! Looks like they are having a blast! You are right what a wonderful time they will have to look back on and what a strong relationship it has created between the boys and their grandpa!

Becky said...

Home is where you hang your basketball hoop! You are very blessed with all the love that surrounds you and your family. I'm happy to have you as great friends and inspiration.

Paige said...

You are certainly building great family memories and a wonderful family bond. And, just reading your post brought tears to my eyes.

Anita said...

I don't know how I missed this, but I nearly teared up reading how sweet this was, and then the pictures did me in!!! I love grandpa.
You are blessed and loved in so many ways Bonnie, and I too believe in the end this will make your boys stronger.

Terra said...

Clever Gramps! I love it! Heartwarming for sure!