Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teenagers say the darndest things!

The other day Connor said something really strange.

 Right out of the blue he said...... "Mom, can I get a haircut?"

 I must have looked confused because he repeated it again.

I even repeated it back.. Did you say you would like to get a haircut?

Yes. I can definitely arrange that :)

I said, "How about now?" So I sprinted I mean walked calmly to the car and raced
I mean drove responsibly to the nearest Sports Clips.

I was so happy that we went to Yogurt Land afterward to celebrate.

So here is a picture of my handsome boys..

Sorry it's a little blurry, I took it with my phone.


Becky said...

And handsome boys they are! I'm so glad he just got a cut and not a shave.

The Bailey Family said...

Yes, two handsome handsome boys!!

blueviolet said...

That would have surprised me too! They're such good looking kids!

Lindsay said...

How fun! Love that you made it extra special with ice cream :-)

Terra said...

that cracked me up!