Friday, October 26, 2012

My husband my hero

A few days ago I was walking the dogs. It was about 10:30 in the morning. One of our regular stops is an area behind a grocery story that's kind of open. We like to let them off the leash and give them a chance to run.

Well, on this day there was a cat hiding in the bushes. She probably ran into the bush when she saw us coming. I didn't realize she was there. Next thing I knew the dogs found her. The poor thing was running for her life as I shouted at the dogs to stop. She ran up into a tree way up high. I hooked up the dogs and left thinking once she saw we were gone she would feel safe to come down and make her way home. I had seen this cat around a lot. A couple of times with a couple and their little kids, so I knew she had a home.

Later in the afternoon, Mark and I took the dogs for another walk. This was about 4:00pm. I was telling Mark the story of the cat as we approached the same area where the dogs had chased her. I pointed up into the tree telling him that was where she ended up and I couldn't believe it when I saw she was in the same spot!! My heart sank. I was hoping maybe we spooked her and she just ran up but by the way she looked I feared she had been up there since this morning. It was really high and the branches were a little small. Mark and I agreed that we would go run our errands and come back by in about an hour, if she was still up there we would know she had been there all along and try to figure out a way to help her down.

Well a little later we drove by and she was still there, by now she'd probably been there for 6-7 hours.

So I asked Mark what we should do. I asked if people really called the Fire Department to rescue cats from trees or was that just something you read in sweet children's stories? If I recall, he just looked at me like "we are not calling 911". I guess we could have called animal control. I said I would start going door to door to try to find the cats owner and maybe they could get her down. Mark said "no" and that he would climb up and get her. Now I was worried about the cat AND HIM!! But up he went.

It was not an easy task. The Cat was of course frightened to death and kept clutching the branches. At the same time Mark was trying to keep his balance and not let the cat claw him. On top of everything, Mark is very allergic to cats. Anyway, slowly but surely they both made their way down.

Mark tossed her into my arms and I gently placed her on the ground. She cautiously started walking away. Slow and stiff and first and then took out running for home.

Mark and the cat made it out unscathed (except for a couple little scratches on Mark's arm).

And that is one of the many many reasons my husband is my hero :)

The end.


Anonymous said...

man that cat got up so high in the tree!! whew glad Mark was able to rescue her!

Becky said...

A beautiful story, beautifully written. He is a hero over and over again,and I'm blessed to know all of you.

Jenny said...

Awwww...he is a hero! What a guy!

Longboards for the Beginners said...

What a loving heart for the animal. i like my pet and this one is a Dog, named Credle. He is well protective and help me to find out any of my lost parts or anything. Thanks for sharing with us.