Thursday, September 11, 2008

The days go by...

Seems like the days and weeks are flying by. Alex had a field trip to the Highlands Ranch Mansion last week and I was able to go along. We rode there on a school bus. Alex pointed out to me that he had never been on a school bus. I hadn't thought about it but he was right. Everyone should experience that at least once... the bumps, the's great..haha I remember when Connor was in 1st grade he had the opportunity to ride the school bus. He was really excited at first but after a couple of weeks decided it wasn't for him. I was kind of relieved... He seemed so little to be getting on this big, noisy bus.

The boys have started Flag football and will have their first game on Saturday. They met their coaches and had a scrimmage last Saturday. Maybe I can get some pictures to post.

Here are a few pictures of Alex's field trip...

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1 comment:

The Bailey Family said...

Field trips are so much fun! Alex looks like he had a great time -he is looking so grown up!

Can't wait to see flag football pictures! Go Connor & Alex-!!