Monday, August 3, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

The other night we went shopping for football gear. Yes, it's time to rev up for football. I have to admit I'm having some anxiety about it. It's quite a commitment.. several practices a week and both boys are doing it! Also Connor will be starting middle school the same day football starts. Well, anyway, the boys were so excited to get their football equipment. We did a little shopping and ended up at at Play it again sports. It's a place that sells used sports equipment. We ended up getting used helmets and pads for the price we would have paid for one helmet retail. We were pretty elated and the boys didn't mind at all. They were so excited that even though it was late and dark outside when we got home they had to try on their gear and run around the back yard!

It was perfect because the boys were so genuinely happy with their equipment and we were happy to get it at such a great price!


The Bailey Family said...

I love getting good deals -the boys look so cute and I love Skylar in there trying to get part of the action!

This was a perfect moment for sure!

Lindsay said...

ooo yay glad you got such a good deal! They look so grown up in their pads and helmets! I am sure they are super excited for the season to start!

Anita said...

Gosh,we are so spoiled, the football club we have owns all the pads and helmets. We pay one fee and all we have to buy are cleats and practice jerseys for over the pads, and yay, Nick can still wear his from last year.
Conditioning starts tonight, 10 hours this week before they can start with pads.
Nick can't wait!

Woman Interrupted said...

Oh, I'm very anxious at the thought of football (all contact sports to be honest.) I wish baseball season lasted all year!

Terra said...

I do like play it again sports...they just don't have much in the way Ballet gear!!!

Kim H. said...

Oh look, Buckeye grey helmets! The only things missing is some Buckeyes (the stickers the players get for their helmets for good plays, good sportmanship, etc.)

Tell them I said "BE SAFE!"