Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moments that matter

I'm standing at the stove stirring something... Connor (who, by the way will be turning 12 in a few short days) says something to me. I turn and he is standing next to me. I look "up" yes up to listen to what he is saying. As I'm trying to process the fact that I'm looking UP at him and what he's saying to me, he pauses and says "Mom, I'm taller than you". I said "I know I was just thinking the same thing." Of course he had no idea that my heart did a little flip flop in my chest. (My baby boy is taller than me) In all truth he was wearing shoes and I wasn't so he's probably not technically taller than me..but soooo close.

Later in the morning the boys were jumping on the trampoline and playing around in the backyard. I suddenly became aware that it was very quiet. I stepped out onto the back deck and looked down and there they were.......... just laying quietly chatting and watching the dogs. In that moment I had a feeling of thankfulness come over me. I am so thankful that they have and will always have one another. Even though they probably don't realize it right now.

I quietly slipped into the house and got the camera. I slipped back out and took a quick picture without disturbing them.. I'm so sneaky.


The Bailey Family said...

Gosh wonderful. I love this post.

Lindsay said...

Such a sweet post! I love that you were able to capture that moment. I was cracking up since the boys are wearing shorts and we have 8 inches of snow in VA :-P

Becky said...

What a great message. You are always so positive.

Terra said...

WOW, I am teary eyed. Connor 12? It can't be...moments are so wonderful...hang on to them

Anita said...

Aww Bonnie, this is so very sweet. I'm glad you got the picture,it's not easy to capture those moments.
I didn't realize Connor and Nick were so close in age, 12 just seems so much older doesn't it?
I think I'm glad Nick is a shortie...LOL!

Sheri said...

One of my 12-year olds (to be 13 in two weeks) is almost looking me eye-to-eye. I can hardly stand it!

The photo was priceless! I keep telling my boys that they will be best friends as they grow up. Others will come and go, but they will always have their brothers.