Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Connor's last day of school and our move

Today was Connor's last day of 6th grade. I snapped this picture as he was walking to the car after school. I knew posing for a picture would be corny to him so I thought I would just get a quick candid shot. It was really windy so didn't come out great.

We are officially moved. We are temporarily residing at an extended stay hotel. We are in a two bedroom suite. The perks are breakfast buffet every morning, three complimentary dinners a week (which we will take advantage of), a basketball court, swimming pool (that will open this weekend) and it is pet friendly! Other than the dogs being a little bit of a challenge (keeping them from barking at noises in the hall and getting them out for exercise and potty breaks regularly) it is kind of nice. I'm especially enjoying the housekeeping! It's pretty wonderful to leave for a bit and come back to clean towels and beds made! I could get used to this.

We are planning to be here for 30 days. I'm sure we are in the newlywed stage and the new will wear off. In the meantime I'm going to pretend I'm on vacation. I need to come up with a story to tell the people I meet here. Maybe I could come up with a new one every day. Tomorrow I will be from Canada eh? Maybe the next day I will be from the south y'all! This could be fun. Too bad I'm not a very good actor...haha


Terra said...

nope, can't picture youpulling off the daily transformations! But do enjoy the little break, find the perfect place for all and keep going!

Becky said...

I love your positive vacationing attitude! Please bring the pups over for romp. And if anybody misses the joys of vacuuming or lawn mowing, there are plenty of domestic opportunities here! =)


Lindsay said...

oo housekeeping, breakfast, and dinners 3 days a week! That would be a nice vacation! Yay for Summer!!

Anita said...

Hi Bonnie, your mood sounds upbeat, so happy to hear it. Congrats to Connor, Nick is done with 6th grade next Friday at noon......and the public middle school is on the horizon.
If nothing else enjoy the housekeeping feature of this 30 days.

The Bailey Family said...

Ok...I can't believe Connor will be in 7th grade next year! What's happening Bonnie?!!

I could definitly go for housekeeping, bed-making and fresh towels every day! Now that's a great deal!