Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 4: At the Suites; Who took my laundry?

We are on Day 4 of our Hotel stay. I ventured down to the laundry room. There are 3 washers and 5 dryers. I thought this could be very efficient. I can do ALL my laundry at once. I separated it into 3 loads, got them going in the wash and headed back to the room. 40 minutes later I ambled back to the laundry room exchanging pleasantries with hotel staff along the way. I made it to the laundry room and started taking my clothes out of the washer and putting them into the dryer. I got to the 3rd load, opened the was empty! What??? I know I had 3 loads. I did didn't I? Am I losin' it? I checked and double checked, the load had disappeared. I walked back to the room in a confused state. Would someone really want my plain ole' socks, t-shirts..etc. I started imagining the other guests I had passed in the halls and seen at the buffet. I hate to admit it but I was already mentally forming an accusation. I thought it may be some out of towner with a gaggle of kids. I decided to take the high road and thought if they needed clothes that badly then I don't mind. On the other hand when Mark stated that "they were probably stolen" I said "no, I don't think anyone would do that, they will show up, I'm sure it was accidental."

An hour later I walked down again thinking someone would eventually notice they had taken the wrong load and return it. Nope, nothing. I explain to Mark that I've lost a load of clothes. He looks at me. I see a look in his eyes that says "how did you lose a whole load of laundry?" I stare back with a look that said "don't even say it."

Finally, this afternoon I checked again and there in a pile in a cart were my sparkling (well maybe not sparkling) whites. I'm not crazy after all. I'm still not sure how someone takes the wrong load. I imagined it to be somebodys husband. Maybe his wife sent him down to retrieve their laundry and he came back with the wrong stuff. I can just see her looking at a pile of unfamiliar whites on the bed and saying "Whose are these?"


Anita said...

That is so weird. Was it folded?

Lindsay said...

LOL to funny!! Glad you got it back! Yea, was it folded?

Sheri said...

Next time put a tracking device in the load to be washed and then you'll know exactly where it went. Hey...and if it has a camera on it, you'll be able to tell who took them.

Interesting...I am hoping they were folded for you. Do tell.

Terra said...

OMG, I am laughing so hard right now. I can just see you thinking you may be losing your mind, forming accusations etc. I know it wasn't funny for you but, HEY - it was a FUNNY read!

Becky said...

Way too funny!! The case of the missing on CSI.

The Bailey Family said...

I can just see Mark looking at what?!! LOL!!