Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alex baseball summer 2010

Alex had a great time with baseball this summer. He got the opportunity to pitch a few games and he loved it. He has quite a fast ball. He also was an awesome first baseman. Some games he got so many kids out I started to feel bad..haha (guess I'm not really cut out for sports). His team was the Diamondbacks and Mark got to be assistant coach again. Connor helped out a lot and had the unofficial title of "assistant to the assistant coach". (For those of you who watch the office you get this little joke).

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Bonnie said...

Your baseball season in the states run way later than ours. I think school starts sooner too. Owen has baseball {a struggling sport in our town} May/June, goes back to school on August 30. {woot woot} lol.

Great pics. I can't wait to have my babies grow up and I can help coach. Loved it before I had children and played sports all my life.

Thanks for popping in a while back.

Lindsay said...

oohhh what fun! Looks like a fun summer baseball season!!

The Bailey Family said...

I love the shot of Alex hitting the ball -great action shot and it appears that Connor is almost as tall as his daddy :-)

Lila was dancing to the music!! We all really enjoyed this!