Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am participating this week in Jenny Matlock's Alpha-be Thursday Rainbow Summer school.

This week's color is Yellow......

I have always dreamed of living in a yellow house.

A quaint little house with white trim and of course a white picket fence.

Add in a few creamy yellow daffidils that have burst through the earth ignoring the fact that there is snow still lingering from the last winter snowfall.

And of course some Bright, cheerful yellow tulips, making their fleeting appearance... always gone too soon.

Yellow sunflowers crowding around the wooden fence in the back yard each stretching and reaching their faces toward the yellow summer sun.

Sprinkle in a few dandelions popping up in the yard.

Oh wait...what is that cold wet sensation. Is that our loyal yellow lab sniffing around? Nope... It's our little Italian Greyhound and he isn't yellow.


blueviolet said...

How cute!!! I live in a little yellow house, but I don't have a picket fence. :(

And I'm moving into a blue house. So poo on that.

Jenny said...

Bonnie, what a cute link to Alphabe-Thursday's Rainbow Summer School! I want to come and visit you in your cute, little house. I hope the picket fence has a gate that squeaks just a tiny bit!

I'm glad you got to share this! And sorry for the confusion on the linking times!

Thanks for your patience and thanks for participating!


Teresa said...

I love this. What wonderful imagery. I particularly like the dog!

Becky said...

What lovely prose! I love how we are humorously snapped back into reality!

My dog's yellow. You wanna borrow him?

signed...bkm said...

lovely yellow prose, have a happy yellow day...bkm

Ames said...

I can see myself there. :)~Ames