Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Summer Recap..

We also did some visiting....

We went to Kansas in June.. before the record 100 degree temperatures set in.

We got to visit my sister Julie who was visiting from Phoenix. We had not been together since the boys were babies or toddlers! Isn't that crazy??

Anyway we had a nice visit and it was so nice to get together after all these years.

I sure love you Big Sis! 

and of course the boys had to climb Grandma Susie's tree which is kind of a tradition now.. and doesn't make me nervous in the least, just so you know

"Look Mom! No hands"


Anonymous said...

fun! Love family visits!!

The Bailey Family said...

Ok -- is Connor taller than Mark? Is that Faith's daughter? Beautiful family picture -

Becky said...

Look at that Connor grow! I'm glad you all had a chance to "get out of Dodge"!