Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goodbye to the house that built me

Well, my childhood home has been sold. As of yesterday. It was time for Daddy to have a change. I'm happy for him and it really was time but it's still a little sad. I don't know if you remember this post, but I took some pictures last Christmas and did a little slide show about "the house that built me".

You can see it HERE.

I remember the day we moved into the house. I was only 5 years old but I do still remember some of the details.

I remember... thinking about how big the back yard was and how much fun we were going to have playing out there.

I remember not having a lot of furniture and my brother and I sleeping on mattresses at first.

I remember when our new stove was delivered...

I remember the new washer and dryer (Maytag/golden) were installed.

I remember looking out different windows to see different views.

Mostly I remember being so excited...

So many firsts... and lasts happened in that house.

Mom's been gone 11 years now. So hard to believe. I couldn't help but wonder "What would she be thinking right now".  She loved our home. It was her safe haven. She didn't get out a lot and she loved being a homemaker. Looking back I think she would have liked to travel more but she loved her family and home.

My friends always like spending time at our house because it felt like home to them.

I'll never forget.............  all the places to hide when playing hide and seek, the way the front storm door fogged up when mom had something good cooking on the stove, the way the fresh grass smelled in the summer when dad mowed the lawn and sitting on the front porch and talking so many times.

Dad said he was okay with everything until he saw our handprints in the driveway. I was pretty little when the concrete was poured for our driveway and we put our hand prints in the cement.

So many memories... but life goes on and we always have the memories in our heart.

Goodbye to the house that built me and thank you for everything.


Anonymous said...

aww what a hard day! So glad your Dad is doing okay with it! What great memories you have in that house! :-)

Becky said...

So sad to let go of the happy past. But there are many happy future times to come!

blueviolet said...

I felt that way about my childhood home too. They sold it when I moved to college, and when I came back the new owners had done all kinds of weird things out there. That was a little hard to take, but the memories are still as rich as ever.

The Bailey Family said...

Oh Bonnie -- I remember the house -- I only went once or twice, but the memory I have of it is wonderful! I think it's so neat you grew up in the same house, we moved every year growing up. This is what I want to give my kids.

Jenny said...

I remember when we sold my grandparents house after they both died. I sat and cried by myself for an hour, then concluded that it was only because I missed them both so much.