Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alex's Talent Show

For the past 3 years Alex has wanted to participate in his schools talent show. It never worked out before because one... is drums were in storage :( or we just couldn't get it together in time. Well, this year it finally worked out. Alex and his friend Korey started practicing weeks ago. Korey on the guitar and Alex on the drums.

They did all their practicing over at Korey's. Korey on the guitar and Alex on the drums. They actually made up their own song/routine.

I hadn't heard it before the night of the show. I knew they were both good musicians but honestly I was a little nervous for them. They would be playing in front of the whole school and you know how kids can be.

Well I had no reason to worry. They were AWESOME!!  I was so happy to hear that their class was cheering them on and they received compliments all throughout the day.  They are Rock Stars.. what can I say??

So we went to the night performance for parents and family and they did really great. I tried to get pictures but they aren't great. Alex is wearing a Cookie Monster hat :)

Congratulations Alex and Korey!!!


Lindsay said...

Yay how awesome!! Good job guys!!

Becky said...

Is there no end to the talent your two boys have??? This is fantastic!

Jenny said...

Gosh, this must have been swell to watch!

I bet you're still grinning ear to ear!