Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Movie Premiere

So last night was the big Movie Premiere! Connor's movie he's been working on most of the school year was finally done and ready to view. It was pretty amazing. The school really made it into a big deal. They made to be like a real movie premiere. We were pretty impressed and had a wonderful night.

So, first we pull up to the school and they have a big spotlight and a sign for the movie and a sold out sign. The movie sold out!! I was pretty surprised to be honest but they sold out really quick.

When we walked in they had a red carpet. The cast stood there and greeted people as they came in. They also had photographers like the paparazzi and interviews being conducted. They even grabbed Mark and I for a quick interview that was displayed on the big movie screen. I don't think that embarrassed Connor in the least (haha).

Connor was interviewed on the big screen too. When asked about his clothing he informed the interviewee that his shirt and and tie were from TJ Maxx, (true), the cardigan was a last minute addition he borrowed from his female friend Jamie. ( I would have never thought of him wearing a cardigan but I guess he pulled it off.. so funny). Then he added that his jeans were from Goodwill, which I will have you know that they DID NOT. I paid good money for those at JC Penneys! It's his other black jeans that I bought at Goodwill! HAHA

We were really proud of Connor. He put in a lot of long hours and hard work making the movie and I have to say it paid off. The movie turned out great.

It was based on "The Breakfast Club" movie from the 80's. Connor played the part of the "criminal" whose name was "Bender".  You could tell he had a lot of fun playing that part and it was so fun to watch.

So with no further ado.. here a few pics. I wish I had taken more but I was so caught up in the evening I didn't  (wish you were there Mom to take pictures, you are so good at that!)

Connor and cast greeting people on the red carpet
This is where people could get there picture taken with the cast
This was the cast (minus one) taken with the drama teachers (directors) and Tech teacher who put the whole thing together. I have to say for lack of a better word they are Awesome at what they do!
and..of course I just had to throw this one in. Am I lucky or what??

Mark ordered this Cup cake/Cake for Connor.


Becky said...

Get that kid an agent!!! He's a natural. Fantastic way to bring 21st Century into the school.

Anonymous said...

How incredibly awesome!! I wish I could see the movie!! What a fun night!