Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something the boys do a LOT of is playing football in the backyard. It's one of those everyday things that some day they may not do anymore. I hope they will still come over when they are married with kids of their own and play a friendly game of football. I thought I'd take a few pictures... They usually have shoes on but for some reason were playing in bare feet. Jared is a neighborhood friend who plays with them quite a bit.

The music goes on longer than the movie so just click off at the end.. I'm still learning this program.


Bonnie said...

Terra, I liked the Shelfari too. Thanks for telling me about it! Yes I am going public. I just switched.

Becky said...

What's a shelfari and why don't I have one?

Bonnie said...

Becky, it's kind of like a book club on-line. I will send you the web site.