Monday, October 6, 2008

The Weekend...

Connor came home from school on Thursday and wasn't feeling well. He started throwing up (sorry) shortly thereafter and continued until about 3:00am. He stayed home from school Friday. He was feeling better by afternoon and going stir crazy, so we went to the aquarium Friday evening. I won't bore you with too many aquarium pics, I know I've posted a lot because the kids love going there.

Saturday both had football games and both won..yeah! Yesterday (Sunday) we went to the Bronco Game (thank you Terra and Mr.& Mrs.Slingerlend). Connor brought a friend and we had a good time. We could have done without the large crude face painter man in front of us who was unfortunately sitting next to 2 Buccaneers fans, ouch! A little funny anecdote.. for any of you Seinfeld watchers. Do you remember the episode where David Putty (Elaine's boyfriend) painted his face for a Devils game and he said "Gotta support the team"? Well Alex said that in my ear when the face painter sat down in front of us, you probably had to be there but I thought it was pretty funny. Alex often surprises me with his great comedic timing, especially for an 8 yr old. (you may also be wondering why an 8yr old knows Seinfeld). oh well.

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The Bailey Family said...

Go Connor & Alex!!! It sounds like they are having a great flag football season!!

I LOVE that episode -it's funny Alex remembered it... he must have really found it funny at the time he saw it!