Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alex gets new Jammies...

We were at Target the other night and I passed by these cute one piece pajamas with penguins. 1. Alex loves penguins, 2. he hasn't worn the one piece pjs with feet since he was about 2. I showed him and he loved them! I think he looks so cute in them. Mark thinks it's a desperate attempt on my part to keep him little. I will admit it. It makes me a little sad sometimes that the boys are growing up so fast. Regardless I took some pictures of both boys because for some reason after they had their pjs on Connor decided to put his cowboy hat on. The same cowboy hat he has had since he was an old village man in a play he did in pre-k when he was 4. It was the "Stone Soup" story. I love the hat. He has it on in many pictures over the past few years...anyway here are the pictures. Of course they decided to be a little silly when I said I wanted a picture.

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs

From Boys in pjs


Terra said...

Ahhhh. Alex is too cute, and Connor reminds me of the Marlboro Man!

Bonnie said...

I just love him in that hat!

Becky said...

Believe it or not, it was a family tradition that our mother give us PJs with feet every Christmas. I was getting them well into my 40s!

The Bailey Family said...

Oh Bonnie...I love the PJ's! I use to love PJ's w/ feet...if they made them my size and I didn't live in Houston I would definitely still wear them!! Connor looks like a little man! They are absolutely adorable!