Thursday, February 19, 2009

Favorite quotes of the week...

Disclaimer: This post may not be politically correct, it may use words like hippie, black and gay.
none of which are meant to be offensive.


Alex: "Mom, is Ellen (Degenerous) Gay?"

Me: "Yes". "Do you know what that means?"

Alex: "Yes, it means she likes girls."

Me: "yes, and if a boy is gay, he likes boys".

After a few seconds, I thought the conversation was over for now.. he said,

"Girls liking girls is okay but boys liking boys.............that's just wrong".

(of course this was followed by a short conversation on tolerance and people being different..)

Next quote:

Alex: "Mom, you know that song "Beat It" by Michael Jackson we heard at the skating rink?"

Me: "Yes, but I think it was a remake. I don't think it was Michael Jackson singing".

Alex: "Is Micheal Jackson a hippie?"

Me: "Have you ever seen Michael Jackson?"

Alex: "No".

Me: "He's a black man".

Alex: "He's Black??"

Mark walks into the room and says "He used to be".

*** I'm not sure what Alex's interpretation of a hippie is but the other day he said "Mom, a boy at school told me only hippies play acoustic guitar" "I said, your Grandpa (my Dad) and your uncle Jerry play acoustic guitar... do you think they are hippies??? This got a chuckle out of him. And if you know my Dad and brother, it will make you laugh too.


The Bailey Family said...

I'm laughing out loud Bonnie!!!

Terra said...

Bonnie, that was so funny! Alex and his little mind just crack me up

Candi said...

LOL!!! My kids never get bored with saying the word gay. They will sing...I am so gay, you are so gay, we are all so gay. :)

Debbie said...

These were funny. Kids are so great.

Jenni Jiggety said...

LOL! A hippie?! I think he's too busy being a straigt up freak to be a hippie...

Kim H. said...

Oh my ever lovin' word -- I totally LOL!!!

And Jenni's comment is HI-LARIOUS!!!

Keep the kids stories coming. They make my kids look "normal" too. :)

Becky said...

The Campbell family should be a TV sit com! LMAO!