Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alex turns 9!

Alex's birthday was on the 1st. We went to dinner at Chili's (his choice) after football practice. After dinner we came home and enjoyed cake and ice cream. He opened his presents FINALLY. It was hard waiting all day I'm sure. I took a big cookie to his class also. All and all I think he had a great birthday!

Alex's class sang happy birthday to him. I think he was a little embarrassed but he enjoyed it.


Sheri said...

Happy Birthday, Alex!

My oldest just turned 14! I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go?

It looks like you had a great time celebrating. Happy Labor Day weekend!

Terra said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO - he can't be. He isn't allowed to grow up either. I can't believe Lauren is only 2 months older than him, I always forget that!

We must do lunch soon...Hailey and Lauren will both be getting back to "routine" this maybe next week?

Anita said...

Happy Birthday to your Alex! Looks like he had a great time!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Glad to hear he had a great one!!

blueviolet said...

Happy Birthday to your son! What a fabulous cake you made and he got to eat at his choice of restaurants and he got terrific presents...what a day!!!

Can you believe he's 9 already? Wow!

Becky said...

Yea for Alex and birthdays! Looks like fun for everyone.

The Bailey Family said...

His cake looks so yummy!! You guys have the best looking desserts!

Everyone looks so happy!

Laura said...

Great looking bunch.

Kim H. said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Alex!!!

It looks like he had a good time -- and oooh, Chili's -- YUMMY!

Great pictures too, Bonnie -- family time is simply the best!