Sunday, September 20, 2009

Football and fossils...weekend update

I have a few pictures to share. I got a few pictures of Alex at his football game yesterday. His team did well. They have now won there 1st 3 games. Alex is doing well also. He was up against some really big kids (hard to believe how huge 3rd graders can be). He made several great blocks and 1 great tackle. I jokingly tell him every game that if he gets a bruise he no longer can play football. He rolls his eyes at me and smiles.

Today (Sunday) we went to the Rock, Mineral and fossil expo. Connor looks forward to it all year. He likes to go on the last day because that's when they mark down some of the fossils. Last year he got some good deals because one of the vendors was tired and ready to pack up. He had the same luck this year! Our friends, the Changs showed up there too.

a funny side note about the fossil show.... we were looking at the fossils and I made a couple of remarks that apparently showed my ignorance about fossils. Connor turned to me and in the most serious voice he said "Mom, why don't you go over there, there are some pretty and shiny rocks you could look at." I had to laugh, and then I proceeded directly over to the pretty shiny rocks. :-)

Alex's friend Alex came to his game.

Panning for gold. Connor wasn't going to do it at first then when Garrett pulled out a fossil, Connor started digging! haha


Lindsay said...

Alex looks to cute in his football gear! I am glad he hasn't gotten a bruise and had to stop playing ;-)

The rock, mineral and fossil expo sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you guys got to go to it :-)

Becky said...

Tiny football players - too cute! I would have joined you at the pretty shiny rocks.

Sheri said...

Love the photos of the football stars and I loved the story about the pretty shiny rocks. Too funny!

The Bailey Family said...

Shiny rocks are more up my alley too!! love it!