Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Connor turns 13!!

Connor had a birthday last week.. A big birthday. Now he's a teenager!

Grandma came to spend his birthday with him. We went out for pizza, then back home to open presents and eat cake and ice cream. All in all I think he had a good birthday.

Grandma and the Boys at Big Bill's Pizza

Alex helping Connor open his gifts

Great Grandma Dot sent Connor these yummy chocolate oreo balls

How about that cake? Mark made it :)


Anonymous said...

yay!! I am so glad he had a birthday!! The cake was great.. I hope you had a piece for me!

blueviolet said...

That cake rocks! I'm glad his day was so special. You always do them right in your family!

Anita said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Nick had cupcakes this year, and it was such a crazy week we didn't even have a big celebration.

The Bailey Family said...

Happy 13th Birthday Connor!!! Wow - it seems like just yesterday he was a little tot! That cakeand those Oreo balls look delicious!

Paige said...

Oh my goodness, the teen years have begun. Happy Birthday Connor!

Sandra said...

I love pictures...but I love chocolate oreo balls more! I'll be googling that recipe for sure.
The cake is terrific! Great shape to it: it's square, right?...totally original.

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday! Great photos!

My twins just turned 14. Check out my blog tomorrow for some pics (not of the boys, but of me pregnant with the boys). I was HUGE!!!