Thursday, November 3, 2011


Well Halloween was definitely more toned down this year than normal. I took some pictures of carving the pumpkins but I think we deleted some by accident. I did get some pictures of the finished products.

This is Grandpa's. We named it Shrek but you can't really tell in this picture. It has ears.

Alex carved this one with Grandpa's help. It says "Tiny Towers" which is the name of a game he loves on his Ipod.

This is Connor's. It's the Mac Apple. He really wants an I phone :)

Mark and I did this one... actually just Mark

Alex and his friend Trick or treated together. They were reggae/hippy guys. They had cool sunglasses too.

We had a different Halloween. It's usually a big deal and we all go together. This year Alex went with his friend and Connor went with his. Connor didn't really dress up. He did go to the Dollar Tree the night before Halloween and got a pirate hat (that was way too small by the way) a toy shield and toy sword. Don't ask me what he was thinking, haha He roamed our old neighborhood with friends and had a fun time meeting up with other kids he knew from school. I think this may have been our last Trick or Treating Halloween :(


Lindsay said...

oohh boo on the possible last year trick or treating! I love the pumpkins :-)

Nezzy said...

Hey sweetie, this Ozark Farm Chick popped in just 'cause your name is so stinkin' cute!!!

I adore your young deadlock fellas. I'd welcome such handsome gent at my door anytime. Shoot, I was all prepared and candied up and we had no visitors here on the Ponderosa.

Maybe it's because we live smack in the middle of Nowhere USA!!! Our record is seven little ghouls one year.

From the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Mountains, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful weekend!!! :o)

The Bailey Family said...

I love the pumpkins! They are all so unique!