Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Midnight Launch

Have you ever heard of a Midnight Launch? It's when the latest and greatest video games are released. They sometimes have a midnight launch, meaning you can pre-order the game then show up at midnight and be one of the first to get the game.

Well, the boys really wanted to do this for a new game that had just came out, one of which may or may not be rated M for mature audiences. I just feel like the best mom in the world when I purchase one of these games and with my sweet little boys both of my young men standing behind me and they ask if you are okay with the fact that the game is rated M for blood, violence, language... so on and so on. I smile politely and say "yes I am" cringing all the way down to my toes.

Anyway we agreed to let them go to one Midnight launch even though it was on a school night. So last night we did. Mark took them at 10pm to get a ticket that would hold there place in line when they came back at midnight. I went to bed for a couple of hours and then took them back at midnight so that Mark could go to bed.

I really was apprehensive as to what I would find. What kind of people come to these things? Surely no parent in their right mind would show up with school age kids at this ungodly hour. Especially to purchase a rated M war game. Would it be a bunch of 20 something video game geeks/nerds  connoisseurs of the video game world, being raucous and rowdy?

When we pulled up to the video game store Connor must have noticed the weary look on my face as I tried to peer in the windows to see what kind of crowd I would be dealing with.... 2-3 hours past my usual bedtime.... on a school/work night.... because he interrupted my thoughts with a low soothing tone he looked around at me and sad "Mom" "Just remember, they are just as afraid of you as you are of them". HA!  Very funny.

As it turned out it was a pretty nice crowd of 20 something young men who were very polite to the suburban 40 something 30 something oh never mind, lady who is out way past her bedtime with 2 school age boys. I was relieved to see one other Mom with a boy about Connor's age. I guess that makes two of us that won't be getting the world's best mom award again this year. Darn!


Anonymous said...

I hope the boys had fun! I am sure they will always remember it!

Terra said...

I am with Lindsay...they will never forget you did this for them!!!