Sunday, November 13, 2011

Latest Thrift store finds

When I first introduced the boys to thrift store shopping they really were not in to it at all. Connor thought they all smelled like "death and cigarettes". I have to admit I kind of agree with him. I never really mind though because I enjoy bargain hunting. A couple of Halloween's ago Connor needed something to wear with his Gorilla mask. We found a funny shirt, tie and a suit coat that was a few sizes to big. He thought that was pretty cool......

Then one day I talked Alex into going into one downtown and I have to admit it was a little scary. Alex thought for sure we were going to be mugged or we would come out and our car would be gone (he is so white bread). Anyway when Connor heard us talking about it he wanted to go check it out. Then we found another (Thrift store) a little closer to home, a little cleaner and seemingly safer, haha Well, Connor discovered the old used electronics section and he has been hooked ever since. He has purchased an old Sega game system and an old Nintendo 64 system. He loves searching for old video games and such.

So it's kind of fun having a Thrift store buddy... Mark is not into it at all by the way.

Alex has found some "treasures" as well. He has bought a few rolls of electrical tape for .99 a roll, even though I'm sure grandpa has plenty, he wanted his own so he could do whatever he wants with it. I have walked into their room and found, for example the ladder for their bunk bed all wrapped in electrical tape. I guess it's cheap entertainment if nothing else. Alex also wrote his name on the wall with the tape. And would you believe his latest treasure find was Christmas lights!

I'm not sure Grandpa was aware of the tape or the lights..... hope it's not too much of a shock Grandpa, haha
I promise that if we ever  WHEN we move out we will put everything back the way it was. It will be like we were never here... really, I'm serious... no trace....   kind of like in the movie Risky Business :)  We will put everything back in it's place but if you look really close............................................................... You may find a "crack" or "trace" of us here or there.

The boys playing video games


blueviolet said...

I can't believe how wild they went with the tape and lights. Too funny! There are definitely treasures to find in a thrift store, but they do smell funny. They're right.

The Bailey Family said...

Haha!!! I couldn't even see Connor at first!!! I love the room and I love to shop at thrift stores, I can ALWAYS find something!!

Lindsay said...

I love the personal touches they have been having!

Terra said...

That is really pretty cool what he did with the room! So creative!