Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Road trip

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take a quick trip to Kansas to visit everyone. It was spur of the moment and on the way there we reminisced about a trip we took there a few years ago this time of year, TORNADO season! We actually saw a tornado behind us that trip, when we were on the highway and when we stopped at a McDonald's for dinner, there were several storm chaser trucks in the parking lot and storm chasers inside eating. It was pretty exciting, haha

Well, this time the tornado came to see us once we arrived in Wichita. If any of you happened to be watching the weather channel that day, it was all about Wichita and the surrounding areas.

Some weather channel personalities even spent the day there reporting.

There were strong warnings all day and into the evening. At one point they reported that there was a tornado 3/4 mile wide heading for the Wichita metro area.

Growing up there, you get used to tornado warnings and sirens but this is as serious as I can remember it being. We headed down to Grandma's (Susie's) basement, Alex and Connor set up a snack station. We had our flashlights, candles...etc...  Alex was worried because Grandma was upstairs when we were supposed to be taking cover. He went to get her. She was getting all her important papers together. I actually suspect she was hiding all her jewels, shhhhh

The dogs didn't know what the heck all the excitement was about. I think animals sense these things though.

We checked in with everyone. At one point the tornado was headed right to the area
Grandpa Jerry (my dad) and brother were staying at Dad's  girlfriends house. It was pretty scary.

Grandpa Dick (Mark's dad) was with his girlfriend not too far from us. Honestly I think he was in bed..LOL! I think he figured if it got close enough he would take cover.

Luckily by the time it touched down it had lost a lot of it's steam and didn't do too much damage

Wichita, Kansas Tornado Damages City As Storms Pound U.S. Plains

Before the storm hit we got in some time visiting with Dad and Jerry. Dad let the boys try out is Martin guitar that he has had since 1970. They loved it.

Grandpa even played a couple of songs for us. It was so nice to hear him play and sing. It had been a long time.
It brought back good memories of my childhood.
Then Grandma put the boys to work trimming trees and branches

Alex looks annoyed at me doesn't he? heehee

Connor in Grandma's front yard
The Axe made me nervous, just putting that out there
Did I mention that the axe made me nervous?? Shouldn't we have protective eye wear and work boots? Again, just sayin'  In my defense Great Grandma Dot agreed with me.
Skylar and Max loved being outside
Skylar is in the grass and Max is teasing her, ahhhh
Connor making me nervous, way up in Grandma's tree
The boys with Great Grandma Dot on her patio, too bad it was too dark
In the flower basket hanging behind Alex's head there is the most perfect little nest of baby birds. Grandma Dot puts them out each year and this year before she had put them up the Mama and papa bird were out there chirping, so she went and got them and hung them up (there is another one on the other side). They got to work right away building a nest. Grandma even put some cotton out for them to use and you can see it woven into the nest. How cool is that? In the other basket there is a perfect little nest with several little eggs. They may have hatched by now. I wish I had gotten a picture of them.


Becky said...

That's pretty scary! I don't know if you had your ruby slippers with you, but I bet you were clicking your heels together chanting, "There's no place like home."

Anonymous said...

yikes at the tornado! That thing looks huge!! The axe totally scares me too! Tim plays a martin guitar (when he plays acoustic) :-)