Saturday, June 7, 2008

Alex's first little league game

Alex had his first baseball game today. He played t-ball once when he was about 4 but hasn't played since then. He did really good. He got 2 hits and played first base and made 2 outs. The coaches were pretty happy with him. Then he asked the coach if he could play catcher and the coach said he quessed so but he would rather have Alex in the outfield because he did such a good job. I was happy with the coach for letting him and he said he likes to let the kids play all positions... even though I could tell he really wanted him in the outfield. Turns out he was a good little catcher too. I'm excited for him because this is something he decided to do on his own. Usually he follows Connor's lead. It's fun to see him becoming more independent.

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1 comment:

Terra said...

sounds like Alex has a good coach! THat is really great!