Monday, June 30, 2008

Turbo Summer...

Mark and I are starting to refer to the past few weeks as "turbo summer". We've packed in a lot in the last month. Partially because the kids are going to be on "track" (year around school) this year. They start on July 9th. They will be in school for 3 weeks then out for 3. The other reason is because their cousin Caitlyn is visiting and we wanted to do fun things with her.

It's been fun but we are sure tired at bed time! Yesterday we went to Estes Park for the day. Today we went to Arts On Fire and painted pottery. Everyone did a good job. I even painted something! Then we went to the park and had lunch. Back home to get Alex off to his drum lesson and then off to Alex's baseball game. Grandma came back from Steamboat today. Nice to have her back. I'm sure it was a lot quieter for her there! Caitlyn seems to be enjoying herself and we are really enjoying having her. I asked Monica if I could keep her (it's nice having another girl in the house) She said no. Darn. We are going to miss her... Here are a few pics from Estes Park.

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Terra said...

I can't believe how soon the boys first day is. WOW. I don't think I could handle that. You guys did a great job "packing in" all that fun. Lauren would love to do half of what you did! Instead she gets to do the Orthodontist all summer