Sunday, June 1, 2008

The last of Memorial Day weekend photos...

These are the last few photos from our trip to Kansas. We visited Grandma Dot's new place. She moved a few months ago into a really nice condo/apt. She has a beautiful view of a lake behind her unit. She can look out her windows and see ducks and swans swimming on the lake.

Mom had a cookout on Sunday.. lots of good food. Grandma Dot makes the best potato salad and Mom makes the best baked beans.. It was all very good. thank you Mom and Grandma! After we ate we went to the backyard where the boys drove Grandma's riding lawn mower. Needless to say this made me very nervous but the blade wasn't engaged and it didn't go very fast. They had a great time driving around grandma's big backyard.

We also played a little football... I didn't get any pictures but we had a good time. I wasn't feeling too well and went to lay down in the evening. We left at 4:30 the next morning and I was miserable. Thank you Mom for helping Mark with the boys and loading the truck. I slept all the way home and continued to be in bed the next day. I visited the doctor on Wed. and found out I had Strep, got antibiotics and started feeling better pretty quick. Still feel a little sluggish but much better.

Dad (Dick) went to Wichita with us. I'm glad he was there to help Mark on the way home. I felt pretty useless... All in all it was a good trip though. The boys always enjoy certain rituals when we visit Wichita like Grandma taking them to the dollar stores. Checking out Grandpa Jerry's newest treasures he's found at garage or estate sales, like marbles or polished rocks, they love climbing this one big tree in Grandma's back yard..etc. It's always nice to share parts of Mark and my childhood with the kids when we go back. I think it's hard for them to believe we actually had a life before them..haha

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