Friday, June 6, 2008

Graduation 2008

Today was the kids last day of school and graduation... The graduation ceremony was great and the boys won some awards.. both won National Fitness awards. Connor won a citizenship award, which is given out by the teachers to two kids in each class. It is for helpfulness, empathy towards others and respect for classmates. We were very proud of Connor.

The school years just seem to keep flying by but we are gathering a lot of wonderful memories of classmates and teachers. We will miss Mrs. Bowman and Mrs. Nelson very much but they will always be a part of the boys lives. Teachers make such a big impression. They are very special. We have been very fortunate.

After graduation Alex's class had a pool party. It was a nice way to end off the year! Connor went to his friends b-day party. They went to the Rockies game. He's on his way home now. Big Day! Alex has his first baseball game at 9 in the morning.

Here are a few pictures from today. It was hard to get them but here they are...

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