Friday, July 11, 2008


The kids made it through their first 3 days of school. Connor's classroom is in a mobile pod or portable. He has a male teacher for the first time. He's very popular with the kids, I can see why now that I've met him. He has a great sense of humor and seems pretty laid back. He actually lives a block away from us. He asked the kids to bring gardening gloves today and sent an email saying they were learning about "community service" by pulling weeds around the pods.. very clever way of putting 27 kids to work! haha. Connor has reconnected with one of his friends from 2nd grade and seen a few other familiar faces. All seems to be fine. He hasn't said much. I'll keep digging but trying not to dig too much. Mark informed me yesteday that I was sure asking Connor a LOT of questions. How else is a Mom to know everything??

Alex's teacher seems very nice and understanding of the fact that this is a big change for Alex. She sent me an email yesterday saying that Alex is a very sweet and kind little boy and she's happy to have him in her class (she know's the way to a mothers heart, haha). Alex has enjoyed each day and had no complaints other than the fact that the lunch lady was mean when he didn't know his "number" to charge his hot lunch. (sometimes I think it's a prerequisite for a lunch room worker to be grumpy). He hadn't been assigned a # yet because he's new. I had already talked to the office about it..boy did I want to tell that lady about being mean to Alex when he's in this big new scary lunchroom learning to be independent. But that is all part of life. I have to let go... right?

A positive about the school (for me anyway) is that they do just about everything on-line. Each teacher has their own web site and they put everything on it, Homework assignments, newsletters, Friday folders, daily schedule, list of students..etc. A few months ago I wouldn't have liked it but since Terra has gotten me hooked on technology, I love it!

We do miss Beacon. We miss the family feel, the friends we all made, small classroom sizes..wonderful teachers, but I think this is going to work well for us for now.

Still feels like our summer came to an abrupt stop. I've been feeling a little depressed and I realized I was really enjoying all the summer activities with the kids, having Caitlyn and Grandma around.. staying up late, sleeping in.. Dang it! Back to reality too soon.

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Terra said...

Hooked on Technology must be the adult version of hooked on Phonics eh? I would definitely love all that on line communication and now that you have the blackberry you get teacher emails even when your getting your hair done! No more mommy time for you!

Glad the boys are liking it though - however, selfishly wish they didn't so they'd come back to Beacon. It does sound nice though, and I am really am glad they are happy!