Monday, June 22, 2009

Eventful Week

We have an eventful week coming up! Tuesday is Mark's Birthday and also the boys last day of school. For Connor it is his last day of elementary school (I'm sure that is another post). I'm not sure quite how I feel about it yet. He will be having a continuation ceremony tomorrow and I already feel emotional just thinking about it.

Caitlyn (our neice) is coming on Wednesday. We are going to a Jonas Brothers concert that very evening.. thanks to a good friend. Should be a very fun day!

In the meantime we still have baseball MWTTH. We will miss Alex's first game on Wednesday to go to the concert but it will be worth it.


Do you remember the song I posted about "It's My Lie (Let me live it) by Chris Hanners. Well, because of the amount of interest shown it stayed on the website an extra week! Thank you to those who took the time to leave a comment. Here is the lastest from the Songwriter himself Mark Schlemmer.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support. Due to your support, GAC let Chris stay on the site another week. If you’d like to post again, here’s the link. Take 30 seconds and help a southern gentleman break into the charts. Chris opened at # 149 on the Music Row Breakout chart and in 2 weeks he has jumped to #104. He is getting national airplay on some affiliate stations. If he can hit #50 on this chart, he will go to the Billboard chart. It would be kind of cool if these posts had a chat room feel. You can agree with someone by name, and disclose your part of the country. The is a post by Caren Wiggins that will give you more on Chris. She is the wife of the owner of Little House records. He has a MySpace page you can visit.

Thank you in advance,

Mark Schlemmer


The Bailey Family said... can't believe Connor will be in middle school next year.

Lindsay said...

oo moving up to middle school! I would certainly be emotional about that! Yay for Chris as well :-)