Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer has begun at our house

Summer schedule so far...

Tuesday: The boys finished up school. We really had a great year. Both had great teachers and the year went by without a hitch. Phew!

Wednesday am: Caitlyn arrived early and the boys, I and Grandpa had fun going to the airport to pick her up.

Wednesday pm: JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT! It was a great concert. The kids were up on their feet through the entire thing. Jordan Sparks opened for them. She's a great performer. Our friends invited us and it was a blast! I took some pictures with my phone but they didn't turn out very good.

Alex, Caitlyn and Connor as the concert is just beginning
Connor, Hailey and Lauren goofing around

Waiting for the Jonas Bros


Kim H. said...

WOW! Bonnie, I cannot believe your kids just got out of school!!! Craziness! Just promise you won't rub it in when our kids are going back to school...AUGUST 11th!!! I know -- ridiculous!!!

So, you went to the concert with Terra and the girls?! That's awesome. Secretly, I'd kinda like to see the Jonas Brothers -- you know, just for fun. And wow, Jordan Sparks -- how cute is she?!!!

Glad you're summer is off to a great start!

Lindsay said...

ooo so fun! Looks like you guys all had a blast :-)

Anita said...

What a total blast! As I told Terra, you are some really cool moms! My other CO blogging friend was there amazing that I knew so many people seeing Jonas Brothers in Denver.

Enjoy the summer!

Sheri said...

Bonnie -- looks like a great way to kick-off the summer.

The question I had while reading the post was did you get lost on the way to the airport? (Just kidding) :)

Happy Summer!!!

The Bailey Family said...

Bummer the pictures didn't turn out better...Looks like everyone had a BLAST, and I totally agree with Sheri...what a great way to kick off summer-!!