Monday, June 15, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

I Capture
Perfect Moments.

Sharing a blanket

My perfect moment came this week when I happened to stop and take notice of the boys sharing a blanket and just relaxing together. I tend to focus on the times when they are not getting along but when I noticed this I realized they have an abundance of times when they DO get along.

I thought about how they are fortunate to have one another. They may not realize it yet but as they get older I believe they will. They have logged in so many hours of laughing, playing and sharing together. They do almost everything together. They've even taken to sleeping together. As you may have read in some of my prior posts, Alex does not like to sleep alone. There have been weeks where he sleeps in a sleeping bag at the foot of our bed. We recently changed Connor's bed from twin to full and Alex loves to sleep with him. Sometimes Connor will moan and groan about it but we always tell him it's up to him and he will smile at Alex and say something like "ok but you owe me". I think Connor secretly likes having him there even though he may be a cover steeler!

We all have perfect moments. It's all about taking the time to notice and appreciate them so if you'd like to see more, you can hop over to Weeble's Wobblog.

*************If you didn't see the Check this out post, please check it out HERE. I heard from Mark (The songwriter) this weekend and he thanked everyone for their support and leaving comments. I have one more favor to ask. If you liked the song and artist it would be great if you could go back to the website Headline Country, click on contact us and leave a comment about the artist (Chris Hanners) and song (It's My Lie, let me live it). If there is enough interest it may be possible for him to be featured on the GAC Headline show.

Thank you for your support. I know they appreciate it very much!


Lindsay said...

okay that story is so sweet! I love that they share blankets and beds.. I am sure with siblings there is always fighting but your right it is nice for them to have each other later in life as well. Sammy needs a brother to share blankets with.. hhhmm ;-)

Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

I love that the boys are so sweet to each other. It is a reflection of your parenting. I hope they will get closer as they get older.


Lavender Luz said...

Sweet image of your boys. Shows both their separateness and their connection. I agree with Cynthia that it's a reflection of your parenting.

becomingwhole said...

This is beautiful...children definitely feel things so deeply, the love and the "dislike" they have for their sibs. How wonderful that you get to watch them and their relationship grow.

Anita said...

I think this is the cutest thing. I love when I catch any of my 3 together in a kind and loving way. I too pray they will appreciate each other when they are grown........siblings can be a wonderful thing.

brooke said...

I so relate to this. I always focus on how much my kids fight and then I will notice them playing together or sharing something and it warms my heart. I'm trying really hard to acknowlege when I see them doing nice things, not just the bad. Thanks for the reminder! I love that your boys share a blanket.

Terra said...

You know I love those boys. adn the song was great, I left a comment somewhere But I will check out this site tonight sometime and see what I can do!

nikki said...

Hi Bonnie - I like your blog! I know what you mean about the sleeping arrangements! Our 2 oldest share now, and when we move, they'll have their own room... I'm really starting to wonder if they won't bunk up together anyway! Like the 'sharing the blanket' picture!

Kathilynn C. Bailey said...

To all the Campbell's-Bonnie- I just noticed your Campbell family blog!! I have to
say, you all are such a wonderful family
and I just love Skyler- did I get that right?
The mini greyhound! is adorable!!
I told tamara I was
enjoying your pictures- She said It was ok to post a comment.
Have a wonderful summer and please send us folks in Texas some cool weather.
I need not tell you how HOT it is here.

The other Bailey's