Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Extra Extra...... a little news

I have a piece of news. Most of you may already know but I thought I would share just in case.

Alex came home from school a few weeks ago all excited. He said "We had an assembly at school today about orchestra and I want to play the violin!" To be honest my first thought was "Those darn assemblies, they use them to brain wash the kids, get them all hopped up on some idea that will last about 2 minutes and will cost parents time, money and pain."
My next thought was "This is my rock and roll (by the way I'm told it's not cool to say rock and roll anymore, who knew?) drum playing, rough and tumble boy............. and he wants to play the violin?"

Well I thought to myself (thinking back on when Connor played the trombone for about 2 minutes). I will let him try it and get it out of his system.

We are a few weeks in and he's still loving it! In the first week he had it I walked in to hear him playing it like a guitar and guess what he was playing?? Smoke on the Water :-)......................... And that folks is my Alex.

Tune in soon for more Campbell family news


The Bailey Family said...

Who would have thought?! He is so diverse...what a wonderful quality to have! I can't wait to hear him play --

Alex is amazing!

I wish I had a sliver of Alexs' musical talent-!

Jenny said...

He is adorable. He sounds like he has true musical ability.

Becky said...

Hahaha. That is so Alex. What a cool kid. Rock on dude!

Terra said...

Holy cow, how cool is that? I am in shock, awe even. GO ALEX

Lindsay said...

ooo very cool!!! I hope he likes it! But your right.. you gotta just let them try it out.. then you at least know your not selling them short :-)