Sunday, September 26, 2010

Extra Extra.... part 2

Our very own Connor will be performing in his schools' Fall production of Romeo and Juliet!

He will be playing the part of Sampson. He has several lines in the first scene and appears in a few others. He was pretty excited as were we. I think it will be a great experience.

It almost didn't happen because auditions were moved up and he didn't know about it until the last minute. I got a frantic call at work.........he needed the permission slip, which just happened to be in my purse. Mark rushed over to my office, I ran it out to the car and wished him a quick "good luck!". He was supposed to have a monologue ready but since he thought it was the next week he didn't. So............ he winged it. The next day he was on the call back sheet, yeah!! Unfortunately he got the dates mixed up and missed his call back!! That's my Connor, probably the result of all the helicopter parenting I've been known to do in the past...nahhhhh. Anyway he has never been the most ahem... organized kid. Anyway the drama teacher (bless his heart) caught Connor the next day and told him he missed his call back and let him reschedule.

We went to parent teacher conferences a few nights ago and his drama teacher subtlety mentioned that if Connor hadn't missed his call back he was seriously considering him for Romeo!!!

Oh life lessons are great aren't they??

As they say in show BIZ... BREAK A LEG CONNOR!


Becky said...

Go Connor! I'm not the least bit surprised he got a part!!

Terra said...

I can't wait to watch! Becky, want to join us?????

Lindsay said...

oo yay congrats Connor!! You must take a video and post it on the blog!

Paige said...

Congrats to Connor! If we don't have a gymnastics competition, we'd like to come watch the performance, Terra will keep me informed. Nicole got a narrator part in her school play, The Seusical version of Romeo and Juliet, it should be funny.

Connor have fun and "break a leg!"

The Bailey Family said...

YAY -- Go Con!