Thursday, May 5, 2011

"C" is for Condiments

Today I am participating in Jenny Matlocks Alphabe Thursday

"C" is for Condiments

Not to sound too Andy Rooneyish but..

Have you ever noticed how strongly convicted we are in our preference for which condiments we do and do not like?

For example, I love Mayo. OHHH that reminds me "Happy Cinco de "Mayo" day ;) just a little joke, I know it was a bad one but anyway... I actually stole that one from a joke I read. Nothing political.. just a little joke.

Where was I??

Oh yes, I LOVE Mayo. I love it on hamburgers, sandwiches, even hot dogs sometimes. I've also been known to dip a fry or two in it from time to time.

Susie (my MIL) really hates mayo, and she is very "passionate" in her conviction of hating mayo.

I also like mustard on just about anything, but not the fancy stuff. Just plain ole yellow mustard will do fine for me.

Mark (my hubby) has always been a mustard guy. He likes it on just about everything. He used to love to dip his Lays potato chips in it (still does once in a while).

I do not care much for Ketchup except to dip fries in. I will tolerate it on a Wendy's single (with cheese of course) because I never think to ask for no Ketchup so I've just learned to like it on those occasions.

Connor and Alex have always preferred mustard on everything for the most part, although just a few months ago Connor requested Ketchup on his hot dog and when I acted surprised he kind of insinuated that he had been eating Ketchup on his hot dogs for a long time.. Okay, I know I'm a full time working Mom now but how did I miss that?

Alex still pretty much sticks with mustard. Neither of the kids really cares to dip their fries in Ketchup which has always astounded me. How can you like Ketchup but not want to dip a fry in it??

Is Relish a condiment?? Relish is something that Mark and I never cared for but some of our parents and grandparents LOVE it. In my condiment experience I find that people either love or hate relish. There really is no in between with this particular condiment.

I could go on and on but do you see what I mean?? We are SOOOO passionate about our condiments.

What kind of condiment person are you?? Mustard? Ketchup? Mayo? Oh.. and we could go further, if you like Mayo, do you prefer Regular Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?? My mom always bought Miracle Whip. I remember her treating it like it was such a luxury, which it was!

So which is it for you??? Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo??  Have you ever mixed the 3... I know, I know, it doesn't sound good but don't knock in until you've tried it, ;)


Anonymous said...

I love me some condiments.. well minus relish that is just plain gross! Hot dogs = ketchup and mustard, hamburgers=ketchup, mustard, and mayo always the real stuff!! Pizza totally dip that in ranch.. fries require some dipping of some sort but I'm not real picky ketchup or ranch or mustard mixed into the ketchup. hehe loved this post!

blueviolet said...

You're absolutely right! I'll use ketchup for dipping and that's it, mustard is a no, but mayo? I DESPISE mayo! I never want to look at it or think about it again. It makes me sick!

Ok, that just confirmed your passionate theory.

ellen b said...

Fun choice for c! I like condiments. Definitely mayo...NOT Miracle Whip. I love mustards of all kinds. I also like Hot dog relish that is relish with mustard mixed in :0)
Now I'm really hungry...

Judie said...

My absolute favorite condiment is Tabasco! I crave it! Miracle Whip is horrible stuff. I do like mustard, though.

Christine said...

People tell us we have the most condiments in the fridge they have ever seen. We especially like pesto's and the like on sandwiches.

Sueberry said...

We're a Miracle Whip family too. I am passionate about how mayo is for sandwiches and should not be on a hamburger. lol

Oh, and chips are good dipped in mustard. :)

Tracy said...

I love mayo and mustartd together as well as french grain mustard yummy. It really annoys me when guests top their meal with ketchup especially a traditional English roast oh that reminds me Mint sauce is fab with lamb

Becky said...

MMMMMMMustard! I could eat my socks if dipped in mustard!

The Bailey Family said...

Condiments! –YUK, no DOUBLE YUK--! I do not eat mayo, miracle whip, mustard or ketchup on anything – I do not eat salad dressing of any kind, and can barely stand the smell!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I like most condiments. Mayo for sandwiches, mustard for hot dogs, ketsup for french fries, hot sauce on eggs, ... All this talk of food is making me hungry. lol. Have an excellent weekend!

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Penelope said...

I like to mix mustard and ketchup…don't know why.

Jenny said...

What a delicious stop!

I laughed through this whole thing and I whole-heartedly agree with your observations.

My husband hates Miracle Whip and I can't stand mayo.

I guess it's like the great Pepsi and Coke debate.

Thanks for linking up.