Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior

Connor was in his middle school musical a couple of weeks ago. He did a great job. It wasn't easy to get pictures but we did manage to get a few. He was in quite a few other scenes but we weren't able to get a picture.

Of course we have to give credit where credit is due.. Kudos to Connor's first acting coach. The one and only Miss Becky Monteith, Connor's 3rd grade teacher and our dear friend.. who has been so brave in her battle against breast cancer which she most recently won!! Yay for Becky and Connor!

                                 Standing next to "Millie"
Fiddling with his tie was something he just added for effect or is it affect? Anyway I think he was kind of a body guard or something for Millie in this scene.

This was his group taking a bow.. really didn't turn out well.

By the way, anyone notice how handsome Connor is with his new short haircut??


Lindsay said...

What fun!! Looks like a great musical! Yay to Becky as well!! Connor always looks handsome but I like the new hair cut!

Becky said...

HA! Thanks for the mention! I don't know about "coaching", but I did hold the camera while Con performed what comes so naturally to him - even way back in 3rd grade!

Do love the new haircut. Styled for the 20's. Sorry I missed the play.

The Bailey Family said...

Connor is amazing! He has always been so theatrical...acting comes natural to him. I love the pictures, especially the one of him adjusting his tie :)

Terra said...

Connor is handsome in all his hair do's and I love that he loves acting!!!