Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad news.. Good news

Bad news.. Mark has the flu!
Good news.. So far, nobody else has caught it.

Bad news... On the way home from football, while dropping off a friend Alex decided to "show off" and got out with said friend and climbed on top of the Suburban and peeked at us through the windshield. (Do your kids ever go crazy and do something that just shocks you? Mine always love to do it when Grandma is here.)
Good news... We had much better weather and much better games this weekend. Boys won all 3 games. Connor had a lot of fun for the first time this season. He got to play QB part of the game, ran for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception..yeah Con!

Bad news.. The boys drove me crazy yesterday trying to keep them quiet so Daddy could rest. I think that's an impossible task with boys some days.
Good news.. Grandma took them to the mall for awhile to give Mark some peace and quiet. I think she also might have been afraid I was going to harm them :) Before they went I was driving them to Chick fil a to have a "talk" with them about their behavior, I talked to Grandma on the phone, she was out shopping. She said she would meet us there. As we got out of the car she asked the boys why they looked so sad and something about them being good boys. They said "that's not what Mom just said". :0

Bad news.. Skylar had a couple of accidents yesterday. One while we were gone and poor sick Daddy had to clean it up.. yuck
Good news... She woke me up twice during the night to let me know she needed to go outside! She's starting to get it... yeah.

Yesterday was a bad day but I was trying to find the positive. I think I feel better already and today is a new day!


Lindsay said...

oo yuck on the flu! I hope everyone else stays healthy and Mark gets better soon!

yay for good football games.. I can't say about the surprising yet.. but I am sure its pretty typical.

Femin Susan said...

I hope mark feels better soon.

Terra said...

We are battling some yuck over here to - but it is the upper resp. kind. I am sorry about the tummy flu! ICK ICK ICK.

Kim H. said...

Aw honey, isn't there something about parenting that goes like you gotta take the good with the bad or vice versa? Sounds like that's what you've got going on. :) And just so you know, my kids have NEVER climbed on the top of my van....bwhahahaaaaaaaa!

And yes, it's a written rule, grandkids WILL act like uncontrollable beasts when Grandma is around!!!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I hope today has come with more good than bad!