Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gross food poem

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review over at Tales From The Nightstand. I was inspired to write it after the author of the book Justin Matott visited the boys school. They both came home talking excitedly about him. Especially Connor. He thought Justin was such a funny and neat guy. He apparently told some funny stories and talks a lot about the trials of being a kid... Well, after Terra posted my review someone reading the blog actually knew the author. He is local. He commented on my review! I thought that was pretty exciting! The boys thought it was cool too. He has written some great kids books. (I think a couple of grownup books too). You can check them out at his web site He has written many great books. The book I wrote the review on is When I was A Boy I dreamed.


Jason Matott is running a contest. To see details you can visit Jason's blog HERE. Or, visit Tales From the Nightstand here.

Basically, he's looking for poems of gross food combinations to use in Book 4 of the Gabe Series .

Here is my first poem.

I like pickles dipped in honey

I know it may sound funny

It's kind of sweet and sour

but..... I could eat them on the hour

This poem is a collaboration between Connor and I... it goes like this

There are oysters in my jello

I think I'm feeling yellow

Wait, maybe I will try it

Oh my, I may start a riot

deep down in my tummy

wait, It's kind of yummy!

One more,

There are Mushrooms in my ice cream

I think I'm having a bad dream

I will use some chocolate syrup

I hear it's popular in Europe

Let's see how it taste

It would be such a waste

ick... the mushrooms are slimey

I will leave them out next timey

To see other entries, visit HERE.


Terra said...

Bonnie these are hilarious! Thanks for playing

Kim H. said...

As I told Terra, I pretty much suck at anything poetry. I might have to come up with something...I guess....

Loved your grossish poems! :)

Jolene said...

These are so cute! What a fun activity to do with the kids!

Lindsay said...

yay WTG Bonnie! Those were so funny!

The Bailey Family said...

Oh these are very funny! I'm not very good at stuff like this, but Mike is...maybe I can recruit him to help me!??

Bonnie said...

Those are really really good. Owen would love his books.

Paige said...

Great poems! So glad you got this whole thing rolling with Justin.