Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nothing much new...

It's Tuesday and there is really not much new. Connor was sick last night but went to school this morning and seems to be fine now. I quess it was just a little bug. I was surprised when he popped up in bed and said "I think I will try to go to school. I hate make up work". I told him he could call home if he needed to come home but he never did. What a trooper!

We played "Family Football" after school. It's always Connor and I against Mark and Alex. We tied 28-28. I tried a new recipe in the crock pot, bbq beef. It went over pretty well, always nice to have something new that everyone likes. (I posted the recipe on the bottom right hand side of blog). We are all ready for Spring Break. We have a late one. March 31 - April 4. We are going skiing the first few days and then home for the rest of the week. We will try to find some fun things to do. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

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Terra said...

POST THE RECIPE! Tell us what you liked and what you might change...many hungry bored with the same old same old families out here!!!