Sunday, March 30, 2008


We are officially on Spring Break. The kids are out of school until April 7th. Mark will be working most of the week so we took a three day ski trip in Snowmass. We were there from Wednesday evening until Saturday around 10:30 am.

The kids are really skiing well. Mark can still keep up but I was having a hard time (Don't tell them though). Mark took a pretty bad fall the first afternoon. He scraped up is forehead and cheek. Also hurt his arm. It was really swollen and bruised. He's been putting ice on it but it's still pretty sore. He should probably have it x-rayed. It's looking better though. Since I'm telling on Mark I have to admit I took a pretty good fall myself. It was the second day in the afternoon and I was getting tired. I tried to keep up with them down a pretty steep (and icy) blue run. I bruised up my knee and hip. Mark and I were both feeling pretty beat up by the time we left but had a great time and the kids did too. (Maybe we are getting to old for this..haha).

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